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How The CMO Can Use Crowdsourcing To Access IT Resources


We have likely all read the varied Gartner and Forrester reports and blogs citing that the seismic shift in enterprise budgeting has delivered both the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and the CDO (Chief Digital Officer) newly found prowess through substantially larger budgets, often at the expense of the CIO and IT in general. Yet, even… Read More

Clinton Bonner     @clintonbon

Performance Management is Dead; Long Live Social Performance Management

performace management

By Tracy Sullivan & Mike Brennan Performance management is, in many organizations, simply a process that has to be completed.  There is nothing engaging about it.  It is, in some ways, the supreme act of pragmatism: The compensation group needs something to which to tie their merit matrices and bonus plans Managers need a way… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

The Best of the [topcoder] Blog: 23 Hours of Innovation & Design


Last week Appirio’s crowdsourcing community, [topcoder]™, had the privilege of attending and presenting at the Innovation Partnership Program (IPP) event, delivered by XPRIZE and Singularity University. Amazing presentations and conversations that help shape, illuminate, and define burgeoning industries, such as advanced autonomous robotics, AI, synthetic biology, 3D Printing, wearable technology and even quantum computing were delivered to the eager… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

Project Scoping: 6 Steps To Getting The Most Accurate Approach


The process of scoping a cloud technology project can be a complex one.  In this post I’d like to provide some insight into what that process often looks like and some guidance to help you plan to get a more effective result at the end. But before we start we should all remember that in this… Read More

Charlie Cowan     @IamCharlieCowan

5 Custom Salesforce Apps Revealed: How Appirio Uses SaaS-W


Appirio has been promoting the idea of Software-as-a-Strategic-Weapon (SaaS-W).  The basic premise of SaaS-W is that implementing software to achieve operational efficiency is no longer enough. The firms that develop software that differentiates themselves from their competition will win market share. The idea behind SaaS-W is more than a marketing campaign to us, it is… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

Appirio Testifies Before Congress – Crowdsourcing, Innovation and Prizes


Yesterday, Appirio had the unique opportunity to testify before the House Subcommittee on Research and Technology in a hearing “Prizes to Spur Innovation and Technology Breakthroughs.”  It’s stunning to see the attention that has suddenly emerged in the last few months on crowdsourcing, open innovation, and prizes / challenges, etc. xPrize and TED announce a… Read More

Narinder Singh     @singhns

HCM Strategy Discussion: Gamification


In their 2013 emerging technology Hype Cycle report, Gartner placed Gamification at the “peak of hype”.  Despite the hype, there are some solid cloud-delivered offerings that have matured, like Bunchball’s Nitro, Hoopla, or Badgeville.  Appirio has also developed its own gamification application on the platform to motivate our team and reward positive behaviors. Of… Read More


An awesome user interface IS your strategic weapon


When software vendors started selling configurable enterprise systems with a GUI (graphical user interface), it was thrilling to see your own company’s logo in the upper right or left of the screen. This was called “branding” the software, and gave users a better sense of ownership of their packaged software. Those simple days are long… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

No One Cares About Your New Learning Management System; Why Should They?

learning management system

At a former employer of mine, I was the system administrator for our Cornerstone OnDemand system.  I remember how exciting it was to implement this new system, which would become a key enabler of employee development for our organization.  Having been a corporate trainer by trade, I had a solid understanding of the learning &… Read More

Brian Sabin     @briansabin

Marketing Automation: 3 Questions with Ashley Stepien

motion gears -team force

Marketing automation technology has become a big topic over the last few years.  There has been an explosion of new tools on the market, addressing different channels that were previously unmanageable.  Along with this, large vendors like Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft are starting to buy up the smaller players, resulting in a lot of confusion… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn
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