Import your DF14 Agenda into your Google Calendar


by Patrick Sheil Yesterday, the day before Dreamforce began, I was reminded what an exciting week this is. Being my first time here with Appirio, I met a ton of my co-workers and made some great connections. Since I'm presenting a session this year, I have a full conference pass and have therefore totally packed… Read More

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When Oversharing Goes Right


    In a world where social media enables people to share their deepest feelings, passing thoughts and biggest mistakes with millions, it’s easy to see why there’s a growing revolt against “oversharing.” However, when it comes to building trusting and highly productive customer and team relationships, oversharing can be a great thing...if it’s done… Read More


It’s Official. I’m a Serial Adopter!


Appirio is very family friendly company. You'll routinely hear kids playing in the background on calls, see them on laps during Google Hangouts or starring in our music videos. It's not uncommon to push a meeting back 15 minutes so that you can "do a kid thing". There are a lot of great things that… Read More

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Some superheroes fly. Some sit and stay.


A few years ago the our Silver Lining engagement program performed an Extreme Cloud Makeover for Can Do Canines. After seeing what the Can Do Canines can do (pun intended) for people, I was so inspired that I wanted to get involved somehow. I found out that an awesome organization called Southeastern Guide Dogs was… Read More

Jeff Douglas     @jeffdonthemic

The First 3 Minutes – How to Quickly Connect with Your Live Audience


By Dan Weiss, Sr. Consultant and Regional Practice Lead "Well begun is half done" - Aristotle Have you ever had to deliver a presentation or demo to a group? Have you managed to avoid this somewhat nerve-wracking experience thus far in your career, but you know (eventually) the situation will come up? Whether you are… Read More

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Why are you here and not somewhere else?


When I came to Appirio just over five years ago, I came looking for an opportunity to leverage my experience to accelerate the adoption of the cloud with a dynamic and progressive organization. Of course, that is not true. The real story is that in 2008 I was laid off from a struggling firm and… Read More

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Nobody Is Perfect, But One Can Always Try


By Michelle Swan, VP, Customer Experience (@michelleswan) “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” - Vince Lombardi Being a type A personality that quote has always inspired me. Or perhaps I just liked using it as justification for being a bit of a control freak. Either way, it’s been… Read More


Getting Out of Your Own Way


By Edward Chaja, Talent Sourcing Specialist When I first started with Appirio, I remember being invited into a meeting with my boss and some of the developers here in the Indy office. We were going to discuss the possibility of hosting a hackathon, which sounded pretty neat, so I was all for it. Everyone had… Read More

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From Professional Services to Recruiter


By Cory Isom, Recruiter A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to change careers. I had been in professional services at three amazing technology companies - all leaders in their respective fields. I consider myself to be a pretty lucky guy to have had the ability to work with some super talented people… Read More

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Appirio 101: India Edition


By Shashank Mishra, Associate Consultant (Workday), JDC I have been part of many introductory meetings, orientations and kick-offs so I thought Appirio 101 (Appirio’s version of this) would follow the same standard format- lengthy company discussions, unstoppable tsunami of “Hail Thy Company” speeches, and poor attendees dozing off midway. Oh boy, was I surprised! Appirio… Read More

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