How the Big Data Revolution Will Transform Healthcare


By Michael Morris A perfect storm is brewing in technology: data availability and access to key skill sets to solve previously unimaginable problems. It’s referred to as, “The Big Data Revolution” and this confluence of technology, data and skill will allow us to do amazing things. • Technology: The speed of technological advances in processing and storage… Read More

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Why Crowdsourcing Is Set to Disrupt Talent Management Entirely


In 2008 Wharton School Professor Peter Cappelli published Talent on Demand: Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty, in which he proposed that talent management is fundamentally a supply chain of people. According to Cappelli, talent sourcing ought therefore be managed using the same techniques that GE uses to source glass and metal components in… Read More

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Girls in STEM Opens Door to Technology at Topcoder Open


Appirio is proud to announce that at this year’s Topcoder Open, we will be holding a “Girls in STEM” event, sponsored by Google, on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. The program includes a panel showcasing the diversity of jobs in the tech industry to over 160 young girls from the San Francisco Bay Area. STEM is… Read More

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Why The World’s Greatest Companies Sponsor and Recruit at Topcoder Open


There all are sorts of reasons to sponsor conferences: highly targeted marketing; lead generation; brand awareness; new sales and partnerships; and so forth. We’ve all been to our share of conferences and events and with good reason: events expose us to new opportunities, important contacts and analysis, and can help Sales track their event-related efforts… Read More

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Help NASA Name NASA’s Free-Flying Robot on the International Space Station


Before Google was a verb, my middle school friends and I learned what a google is: a one (1) followed by 1,000 zeros. What on Earth? It meant nothing to us, too large and far out to comprehend. Other numbers mattered a great deal: three strikes; Connect Four; 7-11; nine innings; Mary Lou Retton’s perfect… Read More

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7 Downtown San Francisco Gems to Check Out During Your Workday Rising Breaks


We at Appirio are thrilled to host you in our hometown, indeed our neighborhood, at this year’s Workday Rising. We’d like to share a few places that are likely on your way to and from the sessions, and might be suggested for a quick diversion, San Francisco style. Following our booth theme of Worker Experience,… Read More

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How Salesforce App Development Is Changing the Face of Connected Health


When Salesforce looked closely at business application development for connected health, it envisioned a cloud-based app essential to allow all stakeholders in a patient’s case--from intake to the surgeon to the patient himself--to participate in Salesforce’s so-called Connected Clinic at once, in real time, and from different locations. In particular, it was critical for Salesforce… Read More

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Only in America Can a High School Dropout Make it to the Top


By Ayman Nassar As I drove on my way to my client on this rainy morning, I was listening to Daniel Garza, Executive Director, Libre Initiative on CSPAN as he shared his point of view on the challenges facing the American Hispanic community. He went on to explain how he dropped out of high school… Read More

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My Thoughts on Dreamforce ’14


By Evin Mullins Dreamforce. It’s an event that invokes excitement in many folks throughout the industry when brought up in discussion. I have been with Appirio for just over a year now, and shortly after joining the team last year, I flew out to San Francisco to meet a close colleague and work with her… Read More

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The other Moneyball game: Recruiting performance


As much as every business would love a conveyor belt of referrals and passive candidates pleading, “Tell me more!” the fact is recruiting is also a marketing operation with real advertising expenses. How should we evaluate recruiting from a media expenditure perspective? Here is where the in the pocket groove of talent pipelining gets interrupted… Read More

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