7 Downtown San Francisco Gems to Check Out During Your Workday Rising Breaks


We at Appirio are thrilled to host you in our hometown, indeed our neighborhood, at this year’s Workday Rising. We’d like to share a few places that are likely on your way to and from the sessions, and might be suggested for a quick diversion, San Francisco style. Following our booth theme of Worker Experience,… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

How Salesforce App Development Is Changing the Face of Connected Health


When Salesforce looked closely at business application development for connected health, it envisioned a cloud-based app essential to allow all stakeholders in a patient’s case--from intake to the surgeon to the patient himself--to participate in Salesforce’s so-called Connected Clinic at once, in real time, and from different locations. In particular, it was critical for Salesforce… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

Only in America Can a High School Dropout Make it to the Top


By Ayman Nassar As I drove on my way to my client on this rainy morning, I was listening to Daniel Garza, Executive Director, Libre Initiative on CSPAN as he shared his point of view on the challenges facing the American Hispanic community. He went on to explain how he dropped out of high school… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

My Thoughts on Dreamforce ’14


By Evin Mullins Dreamforce. It’s an event that invokes excitement in many folks throughout the industry when brought up in discussion. I have been with Appirio for just over a year now, and shortly after joining the team last year, I flew out to San Francisco to meet a close colleague and work with her… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

The other Moneyball game: Recruiting performance


As much as every business would love a conveyor belt of referrals and passive candidates pleading, “Tell me more!” the fact is recruiting is also a marketing operation with real advertising expenses. How should we evaluate recruiting from a media expenditure perspective? Here is where the in the pocket groove of talent pipelining gets interrupted… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

Import your DF14 Agenda into your Google Calendar


by Patrick Sheil Yesterday, the day before Dreamforce began, I was reminded what an exciting week this is. Being my first time here with Appirio, I met a ton of my co-workers and made some great connections. Since I'm presenting a session this year, I have a full conference pass and have therefore totally packed… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

When Oversharing Goes Right


    In a world where social media enables people to share their deepest feelings, passing thoughts and biggest mistakes with millions, it’s easy to see why there’s a growing revolt against “oversharing.” However, when it comes to building trusting and highly productive customer and team relationships, oversharing can be a great thing...if it’s done… Read More


It’s Official. I’m a Serial Adopter!


Appirio is very family friendly company. You'll routinely hear kids playing in the background on calls, see them on laps during Google Hangouts or starring in our music videos. It's not uncommon to push a meeting back 15 minutes so that you can "do a kid thing". There are a lot of great things that… Read More

Jeff Douglas     @jeffdonthemic

Some superheroes fly. Some sit and stay.


A few years ago the our Silver Lining engagement program performed an Extreme Cloud Makeover for Can Do Canines. After seeing what the Can Do Canines can do (pun intended) for people, I was so inspired that I wanted to get involved somehow. I found out that an awesome organization called Southeastern Guide Dogs was… Read More

Jeff Douglas     @jeffdonthemic

The First 3 Minutes – How to Quickly Connect with Your Live Audience


By Dan Weiss, Sr. Consultant and Regional Practice Lead "Well begun is half done" - Aristotle Have you ever had to deliver a presentation or demo to a group? Have you managed to avoid this somewhat nerve-wracking experience thus far in your career, but you know (eventually) the situation will come up? Whether you are… Read More

Appirio     @appirio
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