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The Importance of Delegation

By Prakash Gyamlani “I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.” — Mahatma Gandhi To put it simply, delegation is assigning your responsibilities in such a way that they are accomplished and delivered on time, while also contributing to the growth of others. By delegating some tasks to others… Read More

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The Issue of Unconscious Bias in the Tech Industry


A hot-button issue in the tech industry today is lack of diversity in the workforce. Industry leaders like Google, Facebook, and Salesforce have taken notice, and are making public declarations to change the way they hire, pay, and promote, and to create a more welcoming environment for women and minorities. Facebook trains employees on managing… Read More

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Ask the Intern: What It’s like to Be an Appirian for the Summer


By Edward Xiao The most prominent thing that stuck out to me about my internship experience at Appirio was that the environment was very nice, both physically and socially. The people were kind and accepting, and it was commonplace to have friendly conversation with coworkers. It wasn’t the kind of place where people excitedly talked… Read More

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Ascend to Greatness: Inside the Culture of Appirio


By: Kate Jovanovic It is every college graduate’s dream to get a job, but it is practically a fantasy to work for a company like Appirio. When I first stepped into Appirio’s Indianapolis office last October, I was flooded with hospitality and energy. This energy wasn’t typical; you can go to some factories or to… Read More

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Life of the Ascend Chair


By Doug Surfleet Has it already been 3 weeks since the 2015 Appirio Ascend class arrived? It feels like just the other day I was interviewing them and pitching Appirio — why it’s a great place to start their career, what we do, etc. And what is the Ascend Program? It’s a 3-month program designed… Read More

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The Power of Appirians Living Their Values


By Rachel Tallant Appirio was founded on 3 core values: Customers, Team, and Fun. We take these values seriously and they are reinforced day in and day out in everything that we do. However, there is another value that is unspoken yet ingrained in the culture — philanthropy. Philanthropy (from Greek φιλανθρωπία etymologically) means "love… Read More

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My Worker Experience at Appirio


By Kathleen Foley Though I’m a driven, communicative worker by nature, a car accident last year required a good deal of time and medical care. But thanks to cloud technology, I was able maintain a high level of productivity and stay connected to people in my organization while working virtually. In a non-cloud, in-office environment,… Read More

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Appirio Employees Make a Global Impact on Future of the Cloud Day


By Heidi Williams Every year, Appirio sponsors a company-wide day of service called Future of the Cloud Day, where employees can focus on participating in volunteering events to benefit our local communities. This year, we had our biggest Future of the Cloud Day ever — with 71% of employees (848 Appirians, to be exact!) participating… Read More

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Appirio Recognized as Best Place to Work in Indiana


By Eric Duffield, SVP of professional services When Appirio expanded to Indianapolis three years ago, our goal was to build a cloud development center in the heart of an untouched technology hub. We came to Indianapolis knowing there was a fresh talent pool of intelligent, ambitious and technical experts who could grow into the next-generation… Read More

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5 Rules Every Great Manager Needs in Their Playbook


By Nimit Walia A manager should be a thinker, a leader, and a friend to the employees in the office. Managers create rules and ensure that they are followed, but there are also rules that good managers need to adhere to themselves. These rules — and their execution — are critical to any team's success.… Read More

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