HR Analytics: Not Just a Numbers Game


  A Three-Part Series -- Part Two  In the previous blog entry, HR Reporting: Still Getting a Bad Rap, we described how HR reporting once was chastised for containing too little useful data, but now gets criticized for containing too much. In either case, it is easy for businesses to blame shortcomings in human capital… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

The Emerging Opportunities in Customer Service


Predicting the future is hard to do. In the recent World Cup tournament, there was an estimated one in four-thousand chance that Germany would beat Brazil by a score of seven to one. Sometimes a day just happens to be a one-in-four-thousand day. When it comes to business trends, people are hungry for predictions. These… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

The 10 Things Expected from Customer Service


There have been an increasing number of high profile, social media-inflamed customer service failures. While these failures produce astonishment and some amusement for bystanders, it’s time that all companies look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are set up to be the next joke. Providing great customer service requires companies to build an… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

HR Reporting: Still Getting a Bad Rap


  A Three-Part Series -- Part One A successful HR data practice addresses the needs of the business by providing a rigorous process for managing a body of data that begins as nebulous, unstructured, and not consumable. It does so through a cycle of reporting, analytics, and planning. In this entry we will discuss the first… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

How [topcoder] Protects Your Intellectual Property Rights During Crowdsourcing


One of the most important set of questions you can ask about crowdsourcing concerns the intellectual property rights of the work that the community completes for you and how [topcoder] ensures those rights. The formal answer can be found in [topcoder]’ main legal documents that govern intellectual property, confidentiality, security, and indemnification. Each of these… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

Does Big Data Really Solve the Lack of Data Problem for HR?


  Big data is likely here to stay. Most companies, though not yet fully transformed by big data, are at least adapting to it. They are finding innovative ways to apply data science to critical parts of their value chains, and transforming with varying levels of success the ways critical parts of the businesses are… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

Call Deflection: The Key to Customer Satisfaction


In 2010, the famous entrepreneur Stefani Germanotta (better known as Lady Gaga) produced the song “Telephone.” In addition to being a catchy tune, the song’s chorus carries an important observation for today’s Customer Service Managers: “Stop callin' Stop callin' I don't wanna think anymore I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor.” Increasingly,… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

The Trap of HR Business Intelligence for Everyone

analytics copy

Many organizations find themselves stuck with sprawling business intelligence (BI) solutions that are underutilized and costly to maintain, thereby failing to deliver full value. Though highly capable BI and analytics technology are already available for use throughout business organizations, effective BI remains incompletely distributed, serving as the go-to tool for only a few roles, such… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

How [topcoder] Retains 82% of its Clients for Future Crowdsourcing Projects


A Five-Part Series -- Part Three  Customer retention is no easy feat. Some companies fail miserably, ignoring the benefits of loyal customers. Others, such as Amazon, under the prescient-yet-iron fist of Jeff Bezos, from the start elevated customer service to its top priority without regard to either the company’s bottom line or employee retention. This… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

Data and Talent: Time for a Better Drill Bit, not Bolder Prospecting


Companies competing globally are finding they have fewer resources by which to distinguish themselves in increasingly crowded fields of competition. For most companies, there are really only two resources that matter: data and people. And although there is no shortage of either, there is scarcity in the business value companies are able to generate from… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera
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