Why Your Company Should be Building Mobile Sales Apps


If you were in elementary school in the United States from the mid-1980s to late 1990s, you might be familiar with the game Oregon Trail. The game takes place in 1848, and the player’s goal is to get a family safely from Missouri to Oregon. Of course, it’s not an easy journey, as players face… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

Four Reasons to Build Enterprise Apps


Enterprise apps are changing the face of business. They increase worker productivity, leverage big data, and help optimize business process efficiency. Solely for the purpose of this post, I define the term “enterprise app” to include only those mobile solutions that face inward within the enterprise, including field workers, as opposed to externally facing such… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience with a Heroku App


When Salesforce acquired Heroku in 2010, it seemed like an odd addition. I like to think of Heroku as that hippie cousin who starts a goat farm in Vermont. He’s cool and innovative, but not quite comfortable in the corporate world. But like a Ben & Jerry’s or Burt’s Bees, some hippie businesses evolve their… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

How IoT is Changing Customer Service


By Carl Krupitzer, ThingLogix The “Internet of Things” (or IoT for short) is not only changing the way we interact with our devices, but also the way that customer service departments help customers troubleshoot issues. For instance, when your smart TV or phone has a software update available to fix a bug or other enhanced… Read More

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Should Your Next Mobile App be Native, Hybrid or Responsive Web?


By Greg Barlin When talking with customers about upcoming mobile projects, I find that many companies have an idea of what they’d like to do.  But when it comes to choosing the right technology to implement that idea, they typically need guidance.  In today’s blog post, I’ll examine some of the different technology options available… Read More

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3 Ways To Drive Business With Mobile Apps


Mobile applications are already becoming a primary component of user engagement. As the use of mobile devices expands into all areas of business, mobile apps are only becoming even more significant. But when it all boils down to the most basic element, companies are concerned with making money, and mobile apps are a great way… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

The 5 Elements of A Killer Mobile App


By 2015, more than 780 million people will be mobile users only. This means they won’t own a laptop or desk computer. These 780 million users will be your customers, partners, business stakeholders, suppliers, and other business associates. As organizations begin to align their mobile first strategy with this shift in users, it’s important to… Read More

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014


As 2014 comes to a close, we are taking a look back at the top 10 blogs this year. Here they are, in no particular order: The 10 Things Expected from Customer Service Providing great customer service requires companies to build an ecosystem where customer happiness can thrive. This begins with hiring great people, then… Read More

Kyle Dugan  

The Source of the Lead Source


When getting our clients up and running on marketing automation, there are a few things that come up like clockwork. One of them is ALWAYS “Lead Source.” It’s amazing how this seemingly trivial, little field can cause so many problems and yet hold so much power.  Use it wrong and you’re on the highway to… Read More

Ashley Brucker Stepien     @Ash_Said_So

HR Services in the Cloud: Roles Don’t Need to Change, but Competencies Do


For a lot of organizations, the deployment and integration of cloud solutions are at the heart of HR transformation efforts. One of the outcomes of a successful cloud-enabled HR transformation is a radical change in HR’s administrative role, putting HR in the position of both a consumer and provider of services. Such a reallocation of… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera
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