Our Virtual Way of Work: How Appirio Engages Employees


In just the last few years, a new wave of global, virtualized work has emerged as commonplace for many companies. But how do virtual or remote employees operate? How do coworkers interact, how do managers manage their teams — how do businesses effectively connect with clients about new projects from a distance? At Appirio, the… Read More

Jiordan Castle  

Is Your Company Prepared for the Future of Work?


Although most of the people on my immediate team live in another time zone, I feel more connected than ever. Luckily for me, Appirio is a company that embraces a culture where employees can work from anywhere. Thanks to cloud-based tools like Google Hangouts and Salesforce Chatter, I can collaborate with my coworkers instantly —… Read More

Nicole Klemp  

Go Mobile Beyond the Office with Workday’s Business Assets


Everywhere you go you see people with smartphones and tablets. Even airline pilots have traded in their binders containing airport and aviation charts for the new “Electronic Flight Bag.” In the process, they’ve saved an average of 40 pounds of carry-on weight per pilot and an estimated $1.2 million in annual fuel costs. American Airlines… Read More

Dan P. Haigh  

What Makes a Good Customer Experience?


A favorite ‘90s movie of mine is Reality Bites, particularly the part where Winona Ryder’s character finds herself in the umpteenth failed job interview, frantically trying to define the word “irony” as the elevator doors are closing on her career. She yells out, “Well, I can't really define irony… but I know it when I… Read More

Jiordan Castle  

Designing Mobile Apps for the Disconnected Worker


There is a literal disconnect happening with a large part of today’s workforce that could easily be remedied with mobile technology. Many of today’s mobile enterprise applications don’t align with the way employees actually work. In reality, less than half of all U.S. workers even have a company email address. But it makes sense —… Read More

Nicole Klemp  

A Look Forward at the Future of Customer Experience


Glasses that store information about your friends’ faces, apps that get food from any restaurant delivered right to your door, home security at the virtual click of a virtual button — these are things we expect from businesses in the foreseeable future. Some of us expect them right now, yesterday, even 5 minutes ago when… Read More

Jiordan Castle  

Why Scale is the Most Important Element of Any Crowdsourcing Solution


Crowdsourcing is a powerful way for businesses to get more done faster than ever before. Some solutions powered by crowdsourcing focus on bottom-line efficiencies that enable an enterprise to do something they already do, but achieve better results — faster and at a lower cost — through the use of crowds. Other crowdsourcing solutions help… Read More

Clinton Bonner     @clintonbon

Net Promoter Score: What is it Good For?


You want to know what your customers think of your business and its offerings — how your products and service rank, if customers are happy, and if they’ll recommend your business to others in the future. But how can you effectively measure customer satisfaction? A good standard measure is the Net Promoter System, which uses… Read More

Jiordan Castle  
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