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What Happens After Cloud Implementation?


For an organization that has just completed the (perhaps months-long) process of a new cloud-based application implementation, it can feel like crossing the finish line. But go-live isn’t the end; it’s merely the beginning of the journey. Cloud vendors like Salesforce, Workday, and Google deploy regular releases, and organizations must be prepared for the changes… Read More

Nicole Klemp  

Ask the Experts: How to Get Started with Google Cloud Platform


Google has an ever-expanding variety of tools and services for every individual, company, and industry. As such, figuring out where to begin — and what certain services are, what they include, and whether they’re right for your workforce — can be difficult when you’re first dipping your toes into the world of Google. We asked… Read More

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New Technologies that are Shaping the Future of Retail

future of retail

With the announcement that Walmart will be closing 269 stores and laying off thousands of employees, while at the same time, Amazon reports a record-breaking holiday sales season, it seems that a drastic change is occurring in the retail landscape. The way people shop has evolved, and traditional retailers are scrambling to keep up. The… Read More

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Free Ways to Learn Tech Skills


There’s an expression that’s become commonplace in just the last few years: “Every company is a technology company.” Think about it. Even the high-end dog food supplier who delivers to your door has a mobile app, a customer self-service portal, and live chat. The startup responsible for my plush new mattress has a witty Instagram… Read More

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Can Google Catch Up to AWS and Microsoft in the Cloud?


When Google acquired VMware co-founder Diane Greene’s startup, Bebop, last fall and hired Greene to lead their team of cloud businesses, it became clear that they were bulking up their efforts to take on the enterprise. According to Synergy Research Group, in the third quarter of 2015, AWS had the majority market share in the… Read More

Jiordan Castle     @jiordancastle

3 Companies That are Reinventing Talent Management


In order to encourage innovation and compete for top talent, some companies are making radical changes to their cultures and deviating from traditional business practices. With the speed and scale at which technology is evolving, the way people work and how they’re managed needs to change to keep up. Many companies still rely on the… Read More

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Gamification and How it Works at Appirio


Chances are good there is some type of game that you have been (or are currently) obsessed with. For some, it’s your Friday night poker game; for others, it’s Candy Crush. Then of course there are the “serious” gamers who play video games like Halo or Madden. Whatever your game of choice, there is something… Read More

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7 Leadership Lessons from Mean Girls


Don’t be a “pusher” It’s important to encourage your team to do their best, but don’t push people too hard into things that don’t fit their skills or interests. Find the areas where individuals really shine, and have them focus their efforts there. Lead by example When Regina George wore sweatpants on a Monday, the… Read More

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It’s Time to Provide Field Service Organizations with Better Technology


Whether your business is in telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, or any other industry, your employees working out in the field are the face of your organization. But while it is one of the most important areas of a business, field service is often the most overlooked, and usually the least likely to be provided with upgraded… Read More

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