3 Ways To Drive Business With Mobile Apps


Mobile applications are already becoming a primary component of user engagement. As the use of mobile devices expands into all areas of business, mobile apps are only becoming even more significant. But when it all boils down to the most basic element, companies are concerned with making money, and mobile apps are a great way… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

The 5 Elements of A Killer Mobile App


By 2015, more than 780 million people will be mobile users only. This means they won’t own a laptop or desk computer. These 780 million users will be your customers, partners, business stakeholders, suppliers, and other business associates. As organizations begin to align their mobile first strategy with this shift in users, it’s important to… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014


As 2014 comes to a close, we are taking a look back at the top 10 blogs this year. Here they are, in no particular order: The 10 Things Expected from Customer Service Providing great customer service requires companies to build an ecosystem where customer happiness can thrive. This begins with hiring great people, then… Read More

Kyle Dugan  

The Source of the Lead Source


When getting our clients up and running on marketing automation, there are a few things that come up like clockwork. One of them is ALWAYS “Lead Source.” It’s amazing how this seemingly trivial, little field can cause so many problems and yet hold so much power.  Use it wrong and you’re on the highway to… Read More

Ashley Brucker Stepien     @Ash_Said_So

HR Services in the Cloud: Roles Don’t Need to Change, but Competencies Do


For a lot of organizations, the deployment and integration of cloud solutions are at the heart of HR transformation efforts. One of the outcomes of a successful cloud-enabled HR transformation is a radical change in HR’s administrative role, putting HR in the position of both a consumer and provider of services. Such a reallocation of… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

Salesforce Wave as a Medical Sales CRM Strategy


Arming pharmaceutical and medical device sales professionals with intelligent technology is more important than ever. Over the course of many years, the focus of medical sales efforts has shifted from doctors to hospitals and groups of hospitals. The Wall Street Journal explored this trend in September 2014. Author Jonathan Rockoff cited Cegedim Relationship Management as… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

How Big Data and Business Intelligence are Spurring Evidence-Based Healthcare


Big data is revolutionizing nearly every modern industry. We now speak of data in term of petabytes (10 to the power of 15  bytes) and exabytes (10 to the power of 21  bytes). Almost all of the world’s data was created in the past two years, and only one half of one percent (0.5%) has… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

10 Tips for Creating Mobile Friendly Emails


By Eric Pontides In 2002, when I first started working on email marketing projects, I can remember having conversations about what emails looked like in the preview pane of Outlook and whether we should use text links or buttons. Oh, how times have changed. Today we still tackle similar issues with email but now we… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

Reinventing Strategic HR around Service Delivery


Even in the best of times, the place of HR in many organizations is never quite assured. To address the persistent threat of losing relevance, HR has attempted to reinvent itself numerous times in order to become more strategic. In particular, HR has eagerly adopted technology solutions to reposition its resources so as to fit… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

How Big Data and Business Intelligence Are Changing the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing has never been sexy. However, the United States has the world’s largest manufacturing sector, with a consistent 20% international market share since the 1980s. One in six American jobs is still directly or indirectly tied to manufacturing, a result of the sector’s tremendous multiplier effect. The effect is especially high in sectors such as… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg
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