5 Rookie Mistakes in Marketing Automation


By Jane Gibson The licenses are purchased, and the Marketing team is excited. Ready to run with a new automation tool? No - STOP!  Start with stretching and then walking rather than sprinting out of the gate. Don’t let yourself fall victim to rookie mistakes that all too often cripple the sprinters. Here are five… Read More

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A New Workday Is Rising around the Worker Experience


We’ve just concluded an amazing week at Workday Rising 2014 in San Francisco. The spirit of the Giants' World Series victory was still very much in the air as discussions centered on the success of Workday Financials, and the unprecedented opportunities that integration with Workday HCM opens up to HR. For me, the highlight of… Read More

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Get Sales Going by Abstracting the Little Things


We love technology. We work, live, breathe and operate in the details and drama that is the technology industry. A new API? Awesome! Hey, Google aqui-hired [instert startup name here]? That’s fantastic, good for them, I’ve been following them for years, they deserve it. We get so caught up in the technology, actually, that we… Read More

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The Approaching Death of the 360-Degree View


Consulting firms and CRM vendors have made a lot of money promising to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer. But for a lot of reasons, we may finally be seeing the end of this metaphor for CRM functionality. Yes, the dream of the 360-degree view is dying. Good riddance, I say. The basic use… Read More

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Workday Rising Is Here. And so Is a New Worker Experience


At this year’s Workday Rising, we will have six panels of artwork in our booth. Each makes a very strong and personal statement about who we are, what we believe, how we want to engage, and we what think worker experience means. I want to share with you some of what inspires us, and hope… Read More

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10 Reasons Why HR Is Red Hot Right Now


HR technology is fast becoming the system where talent actually gets work done, rather than a clunky tech location where they just enter their names, addresses, benefit elections, and anonymous gripes. And HR is handling it well, managing the inputs with an appropriate touch, rather than the outputs with a heavy hand. Top talent is… Read More

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Join us at TCO14 – The Next Generation Developer Conference


From the time I was young I loved two things above almost all others - tinkering with technology and the Boston Red Sox (as anyone who hears me talk can guess). In the last decade I feel lucky to have experienced not one, but two miracles - the first was watching my beloved Red Sox… Read More

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10 Genuinely Good Reasons to Visit Appirio at Workday Rising


You can learn the story of how Appirio was named, and what the word Appirio really means. Is it an animal, vegetable, or mineral? Is it an acronym, for example All People Prefer Interesting, Relevant, Inspiring Occupations? Or is it a portmanteau word, perhaps combining application with aria, connoting the sublime, lyrical, radiant quality of… Read More

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Who Is the Real Buyer of Your Next HR System?


Much to our credit, the HR profession is fond of oversimplified answers to persistent problems. A decade ago we tried to find that one magic metric that could tell us everything we needed to know about the value and effectiveness of our HR investments. Imagine if there was something equivalent to a stock price for… Read More

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Diving into Salesforce Wave


You have probably heard the announcement at Dreamforce that Salesforce was getting into the Analytics business. You may not yet have taken a good look at the product. Appirio consultant Dustin Weaver has created a demo where he navigates over 6-million rows of FAA flight data. The demo shows a lot of the features that… Read More

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