Dreamforce Predictions

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Most predictions about Dreamforce are statements of the obvious. Dreamforce 2014 will have a renewed focus on the customer. There will be a lot of talk about the internet-of-things (IoT). Marc Benioff will wear cloud-themed sneakers. There will also be a super secret announcement, that has been leaked and is not so secret anymore. Regarding… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

3 Ways Recruiters Can Build Organizational Culture


In our recent interview with Vicki Moening of Appirio’s Cornerstone OnDemand Practice, we discussed how organization fit often makes or breaks a hiring decision. A highly qualified candidate who nevertheless leaves concerns about fitting into the company’s culture represents a tough decision. From HR’s perspective, it is a no-win decision that it should have avoided… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

Learn From Appirio Experts at Dreamforce


Appirio’s presence at Dreamforce will be deep and wide. Aside from having friendly chats at our booth, or just hanging out with one of us at a coffee shop, there will be a chance to learn from some of Appirio’s world-class experts in sessions. The following is a list of sessions that features an Appirian… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

The Zen of Recruiting: An Industry Master Discusses the Mysteries of Locating Talent, Part 2


Second of a two-part interview  In last week’s chat with recruiting expert Vicki Moening of Appirio’s Cornerstone OnDemand Practice, we talked about what makes talent so scarce, and how employee referral programs provide a mechanism for employers to access a hidden market for talent.  This week we conclude the conversation, as it shifted to recruiting… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

7 Benefits of the Worker Experience


One way to think of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud is as “serving suggestions.”  Peter Coffee, Director of Platform Research at salesforce.com, has used this helpful metaphor to show that force.com is more than just CRM. One serving suggestion Appirio has seen a hunger for is a force.com platform that improves the Worker Experience. A… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

This Week in Crowdsourcing – 3 Things to Know


Enjoy these three articles from the world of crowdsourcing and related technologies.  Greg Otto at fedscoop wrote this interesting piece about IBM’s Watson-as-a-Service. He writes: "IBM announced last week it has moved its cognitive computing system into the cloud to form the Watson Discovery Advisor, allowing researchers, academics and anyone else trying to leverage big… Read More

Ben Kerschberg     @BenKerschberg

Getting Started with Worker Experience


There is a secret truth, universal to all corporations and organizations. That secret is: their intranet is crap, and their employees hate using it. For most companies, the intranet is a forgotten bit of software that employees use as they need it. But a bad intranet is just a symptom of a bigger problem in… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

The Zen of Recruiting: An Industry Master Discusses the Mysteries of Locating Talent


First of a two-part interview Few areas of HR are as visible yet as mysterious as recruiting. There is hardly a person in the workforce or a position in an organization where a recruiter has not had an influence. What really goes on in a recruiting shop? More to the point, and probably far more… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera

Introducing Dreamforce 2014


Calling Dreamforce a technology conference is like calling Disney World an amusement park. Walt Disney bought farmland in Florida, and turned it into a culture-changing global brand. When Marc Benioff founded Salesforce, it represented a new way to deliver software to enable sales teams. In the fifteen years since, Salesforce has evolved into a business-changing… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

The Best Way to Find Talent Gold? Look for a Vein of Social Capital


Like gold, talented human capital is both precious and scarce. It is precious because it can generate greater than market returns on investment. And it is scarce because there is never enough to satisfy organizational needs. As the demand for highly specialized technical, managerial, and professional skills increases, human capital will likely become even more… Read More

Ray Rivera     @rayjrivera
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