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A New Partnership to Change the Way People Work

By Jason Averbook (@jasonaverbook)

Today, I am thrilled that as an organization and an industry we are taking a tremendous step forward.  As a regular reader here, you know Appirio has become a leader in helping organizations transform their business by leveraging cloud-based technologies.  As CEO of Knowledge Infusion, I am proud to join forces with Appirio as we begin a new era in helping businesses harness technology to innovate faster than ever before.

If that seems like a lofty ambition, you are correct.  But today, business agility is the challenge both KI and Appirio have recognized must be addressed, and together we are 100% up for the challenge.

But this is about more than two companies joining forces to meet a market need.  This is about an opportunity to do something big.  This is an opportunity for HR and technology to come together to fundamentally transform the way people work.

Those organizations that choose not to address this dramatic shift will be left behind and ultimately fade away as more technologically agile companies pass them by.

So, how do you avoid such a fate?  How do YOU transform the way your people work?  Stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead as we tell the stories of how we are helping customers shift from monolithic, on-premise technologies to the cloud, how we are inspiring organizations rethink talent management, and how our vision of the future of work is driving mobile, social and technology decisions today.

We believe that we can change the world, one customer at a time, by delivering fresh and innovative services to help organizations build a new model for people at work.  Don’t believe it? 

Just watch us.

About Jason Averbook

Jason Averbook

As Appirio’s chief business innovation officer, Jason Averbook draws on more than 20 years of experience in the HR and technology industry working closely with customers to creatively drive business outcomes. He is deeply involved in the global HR community and speaks frequently at industry conferences, including HR Technology, IHRIM and major enterprise software vendor conferences. He was named one of the top ten leaders in the Human Capital Management space by HR Executive Magazine.

3 Responses to A New Partnership to Change the Way People Work

Naomi Bloom says:

Wishing all of you tremendous success with this new venture.

Erik Wayton says:

Congrats on the merger and trying to break down the limited and expensive TCO for on premise software and HCM delivery. Best of luck!

The best is yet to come?

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