How Will Customers Engage in a World Powered by IoT?

By Erin Lively Although my childhood “woes” were met with varied reiterations of “when I was kid…” tales of walking 15 miles uphill to and from school, it’s time we broke this tradition of little sympathy for younger generations — and for good reason. Thanks to smart home technology, the age-old questions “Did you do […]


It’s Appirio’s 10-Year Anniversary! This is How We’re Celebrating…

August 24th marks our 10-year anniversary as a company with our first-ever Customer Appreciation Day. (You can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #AppirioLoves) In today’s competitive technology landscape, it’s easy to lose sight of the people behind the technology: talented workers and customers alike. At Appirio, we recognize that you […]

salesforce administrator

5 Ways to Help a Salesforce Administrator Be Successful

A Salesforce administrator carries a heavy burden. For one, organizations are always trying to get more out of their investment in Salesforce CRM. That means not only having world-class sales and service functionality, but gaining more insight through reporting, and expanding functionality into other business functions; this on top of the the day-to-day of managing […]

customer data

Make Your Customer Data Soar with Heroku

Whether you are with a small nonprofit, a global bank, or something in between, the caring and cleaning of customer data is a continual task. Without clean, accurate customer and contact data, every activity your organization does — marketing, selling, servicing — is hamstrung. If you are a Salesforce customer, you already have a solid […]


Net Promoter Score: The Number You Need to Grow

What if there were one metric that could predict the growth of your company? Of course, it would sound too good to be true. But the Net Promoter Score (NPS) might just be that metric. That was the conclusion best-selling author Frederick F. Reichheld came to with his research on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Writing […]


What to Do When You Need a Customer Service Revolution

If a business has good procedures, effective data management, and an engaged workforce, an upgrade to Service Cloud will greatly improve their customer service. But for other companies, life isn’t so simple. They need a customer service revolution. These are companies that have a broken customer service operation, which better technology alone cannot fix. Other […]


DeVry University: Updated Technology for Staff and Students

Since they opened their original school in Chicago in 1931, DeVry University has been dedicated to career-focused, real-world degree programs. Their programs are intended to fit any student’s lifestyle — be they full-time professionals or full-time students. Today, learning at DeVry happens online and/or in one of their 55+ locations across the country. For a […]

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