8 Valuable Benefits of Using the Appirio Lead Scoring Engine

By: Dana Lang, Ann Marie Judson-Patrick, and Mindi Staley Marketers and sales teams use Lead Scoring tools to move new leads to qualified prospects, and develop effective nurture campaigns. To encourage this lead scoring process, we built the Appirio Lead Scoring Engine for Salesforce, a package that implements Salesforce Marketing Cloud to give businesses the […]

What We Love About Salesforce Lightning App Builder

Lightning has struck, and we’ll never be the same. Salesforce offers up a transformative, intuitive, and clean CRM — Salesforce Lightning.  It’s like CRM in sleek mode. The move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience (LEX) brings many new assets and benefits. So much so that we expect Lightning will quickly take a strong foothold […]

Managing a Virtual Team with G Suite

43 percent of Americans reported working remotely last year, according to a study conducted by Forbes. (Up from 39 percent in 2013.) The ability to work anywhere, at anytime, is incredibly desirable in today’s workplace, and can easily be a determining factor when dealing with company culture. Virtual work is the wave of the future […]

How much IT spend is now being driven by CMOs?

  In 2012, Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs will be spending more on tech than CIOs. In 2016, Gartner confirmed this prediction, writing that in “2016, CMOs allocated 3.24 percent of revenue to technology spending, which is very close indeed to the 3.4 percent of revenue CIOs earmark for IT.” The analyst firm explains […]

8 Questions to Ask Before a Salesforce Lightning Transition

As with any transition, it may take time for your company’s Salesforce Classic users to adapt to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX). In order to ensure LEX transformation success, it’s important to consider and plan for the Worker Experience (WX) throughout the transformation.

Technology Giving You a Headache? Pull Out the Nail

If you’ve haven’t seen this video, check it out; it’s pretty funny. The woman has a nail in her head and is complaining to a man (presumably, her partner) about her headaches. He wants her to take the nail out of her head and solve the problem. She just wants him to listen: “It’s not […]

Confident Leaders Inspire Confident Employees

Far too often, we hear stories about executives not caring about their workers. The stereotypical leader focuses on one idea, and one idea only, and that’s making money for the business. Although this is important — and ten years ago this may not even have been a topic of conversation — today we know there’s […]

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