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Appirio Kids Day 2013

By Danielle Shoshani, Communications Specialist

At Appirio, we hold an annual Kids Day at the San Francisco office during the summer. All local Appirians and their children are invited to the headquarters for a day of arts and crafts, games, contests and fun. With some of the highlights this year including a hula hoop contest, a photo booth, and costumes, we had quite the turnout on Friday. Twelve-year-old Mia Ginocchi documented the day and shares her perspective below:

On July 19th, the office of Appirio was decked out in Hawaiian decorations like leis, grass skirts, and hibiscus flowers. What was the occasion, you ask? I’ll give you some hints. It features hula hooping, arts and crafts, and a lot (and I mean a LOT) of noise and creative kiddos.

Appirio Kids Day!

Activities that were spread all over the office featured a foosball table, an arts and crafts room, and a sand art room! Inside the arts and crafts room, kids were working on making really cool posters with markers, stickers, and stamps. In the sand room, children were able to fill up glass bottles of all shapes and sizes with colorful sand. Hannah O’Connor, age six, said that her favorite part of Kids Day was the arts and crafts room.

But the day wouldn’t truly be an Appirio occasion without some good-natured contests, one of which was a hula hooping contest. Kids showed their skills, some even hula hooping while singing. Now that’s talent! Another contest got kids using their guessing skills to estimate how many seashells were in a jar. The final contest was an art contest. Creative kids made posters for a share of equity in the company! All winners were awarded with goodie bags of candy, toys, and gift cards, which added an extra element of fun.

The photo booth was a big hit. This newest addition had everybody- even the older Appirians – laughing and smiling. There were props such as crazy colored wigs, funny hats and glasses, and lots of smiling faces. There was no limit on pictures, so the photogenic kids and parents really had a blast. Being a kid myself,  I really had fun at Kids Day on Friday and I am definitely looking forward to next year!



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MSwan says:

What a great day! Thanks to all who made it possible, and for Mia for documenting the day.

It started like this “Do I have to be there..” It ended “When dad will take us again to the office again..” the kids had a blast …taking funny picures, playing foozball, making new friends, participating in hoopla hoop dance contests and giving their perspective on the future of the cloud. Thanks to everyone that made the occasion successful

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