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Appirio 101: India Edition

By Shashank Mishra, Associate Consultant (Workday), JDC

I have been part of many introductory meetings, orientations and kick-offs so I thought Appirio 101 (Appirio’s version of this) would follow the same standard format- lengthy company discussions, unstoppable tsunami of “Hail Thy Company” speeches, and poor attendees dozing off midway. Oh boy, was I surprised! Appirio 101 was zany, full of fun, excitement, cultural exchanges and a great opportunity to meet new people.


Chris, the most unconventional CEO I’ve ever known, brought the morning to a crazy start with his well-placed “Harlem Shake.” He then proceeded to a quick snapshot about the inception of Appirio and shared his personal tidbits as well. The best thing about his presentation was the honesty and transparency. Unlike other organizations which boast about their success stories and hide their losses, Chris mentioned four clients that Appirio lost due to our “Taxi-Driver” approach. People were impressed by the simple concept of “Be-A-Guide-Not-A-Taxi-Driver”.

I also got the chance to meet Michael Press over lunch. He told me about our people across the globe and I was amazed at how people based out of different cities, countries and time-zones orchestrate so well in the Appirio network. It is one of the cool ways Appirio works and still delivers high-quality services. Sean Campion danced throughout his “Workday” to the traditional “bhangra” beats. Since I’m in the Workday practice as well, I thoroughly enjoyed shaking legs with him. The Q&A session received overwhelming response and people got a chance to clear their queries from the executive panel. And as Kala mentioned, “no question is a stupid question”, people came up with more and more eagerness.

Michael gave us insight about the Appirio’s unique CMC workflow and the value of the Asset Library in wowing our prospective customers. As ofnow, I myself not only used a couple of assets but also was a part of the team that developed one for others to use. Karishma, who is our Delivery Manager based out of California, was full of energy as she encouraged us to dance to the tunes of popular Bollywood music numbers. Not only that, but she explained our theme of 2014 – Customer, Culture and Crowd. This theme is visible in our customer signings, the mix of people from various geographies and our golden axe – [topcoder].

Through the Appirio Silver Lining initiative, the Silver Lining team arranged for differently-abled children to present their surprisingly creative art and painting skills. The children from the Disha Foundation let their imaginations fly and the end result was a set of beautiful birthday cards that we plan to present to Appirians on their birthdays. In the end, we presented the children with goodies and the smiles on their faces made our evening.








Since I was the part of the team that designed Appirio-101 teasers, handouts, mailers, and flyers, it was very special to see the event turn into a big success. The main goal of Appirio-101 was knowing the company and its people, and we struck all the right chords!

Manpreet and Purvi, our GM and HR Partner, were on their heels to keep the motion going. And the fun team left no stone unturned to make this event a big success.

I look forward to meeting the rest of my colleagues across the globe to join the FUN, give our CUSTOMERS a reason to smile and build an awesome TEAM!

About Appirio


Appirio is a global cloud consultancy that helps customers achieve results in weeks, not years by harnessing the power of the world’s top talent. Appirio’s 600,000 member [topcoder] community and crowdsourcing platform, combined with the company’s business and technical expertise, have helped 700+ enterprises confidently use technology to increase innovation and transform business. Founded in 2006, Appirio is a trusted partner to companies such as Apria, Coca-Cola, eBay, Facebook, Japan Post Network, L’Oreal, NetApp, The Four Seasons and Virgin America.

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