Narinder Singh of Topcoder: Is It the Cards, or How You Play Them?

This interview with Narinder Singh, president ofTopcoder, which administers computer-programming competitions, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant. Q. Were you in leadership roles early on? A. I grew up in Cincinnati, and became interested in the martial arts as a teenager. I got a black belt in taekwondo and was soon teaching classes of 15 to… Read More

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How Harvard Medical School Uses Open Innovation To Solve World-Class Scientific Problems


At the intersection of two important medical fields—immunology and genomics—lies immunogenomics, an area of research that explores the ways in which the human genome interacts with disease. Solving big-data based algorithmic problems in immunogenomics is as difficult as it sounds. When Harvard Medical School (“HMS”) decided to tackle a DNA sequencing algorithm that already had… Read More

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This company saved $300k on insurance by giving employees Fitbits

A year ago when Appirio said it was hoping to use data collected from employee wearables to negotiate a better deal on its health insurance bill, it seemed like a stretch. Could information that Appirio cobbled together about how many steps a couple hundred workers took each day convince an insurance company to lower its… Read More

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How Crowdsourcing Makes Appirio Bigger Than It Is

Cloud integrator Appirio probably has more MongoDB database programmers and Apple iOS mobile application experts than any other technology solution provider in the world, but that doesn't mean they're all on the payroll.   The company's not-so-secret weapon is the crowdsourcing community Topcoder, through which it gains access to more than 650,000 designers, developers and data scientists, who can complement… Read More

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How to Build an App With the Crowd

I have at least 7 really cool app ideas… but I have no time, and I frankly couldn’t program them to save my life. Could you? I started looking into how I could design and make an app quickly and cheaply… Normally what I’d do is go out and hire an in-house developer (or a… Read More

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Crowdsourcing means raising an army of developers

Enterprises are grappling with a rapidly changing IT landscape and not enough in-house developer talent to deal with it. As the explosion of the cloud, Big Data, mobile and connected devices leaves organizations strapped for skills in emerging areas, more and more enterprises are turning to crowdsourced application development.Crowdsourcing development platforms give enterprise organizations access… Read More

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Crowdsourced Software And What’s In For The Coders?

Fast forward a week and I’m talking to Narinder Singh, co-founder of US-based IT services company, Appirio as he stops over in London and we’re talking disruption and new ways of working. In 2013, Appirio acquired Topcoder an online marketplace for IT talent, which the company describes as the world’s largest open innovation community. Read… Read More

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How Social Onboarding Can Increase Employee Productivity

HR is often only seen as an administrative arm of the business. They manage the intake of information to get payrolls and benefits done, track employee movement through the organization and they disseminate those pesky annual spreadsheets managers use to allocate incentive compensation. But in truth, the aim of HR is to increase the productivity… Read More


Appirio bolsters [topcoder] community with developer profiling, app testing capabilities

Appirio's crowdsourced approach to software development -- now called [topcoder] -- has garnered plenty of attention among organizations that simply don't have the time, resources or skills to get cloud projects or mobile apps or even Google Glass solutions created more quickly. Over the past month, the cloud and systems integrator has made two noteworthy strategic moves to strengthen… Read More

Appirio     @appirio 7 Ways CIOs Should Prepare for the Digital Enterprise

The debate about technology in the enterprise used to focus on hope vs. fear. Now it's fear vs. fear - specifically, the fear of becoming the next Target vs. the fear that technology will eat your lunch, says Narinder Singh, president of [topcoder]™ and chief strategy officer at Appirio. Just as we recognized that MIT… Read More

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