Kicking Off our $500K Learn Swift Series


We are launching a series to help you learn Swift, Apple's new development language. We are extremely optimistic about this language, as are others, and we are making a huge investment in it at topcoder. Over the next 12 weeks or so, we are offering up to $500,000 in development cash and prizes as an incentive to… Read More

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Integration Friday Episode 1: Boomi and WSDL


By Matt Ainsworth and Anna Knyazyan Integration is the key to success for many cloud implementations. Getting a handle on data requires a team with clear thinking and technical skills. We challenged our best integration consultants to share some of their insights on this important will be publishing these in regular intervals. This week Appirio consultant’s… Read More

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The Dashboard Health Check with Analytics API


Contributed by : Asset Library Team Salesforce Dashboards can now be queried using Analytics API. Querying dashboards with the API can be very useful for administrators to find unused and invalid dashboards. We will use a Visualforce page to demonstrate the query and determine the health of a Salesforce dashboard. Details: A dashboard may become… Read More

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Activity Contact Lookup Override


By Bryan Leboff I recently asked a good friend of mine what was his number one issue with Salesforce and without hesitation he responded with the fact that you cannot filter the contacts on a task that you were creating by the account you were creating it on. “Nonsense!”, I said, “Lookup filters should work… Read More

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Password Protect PDF Docs in Salesforce using Heroku


By Ankit Kumar Goyal and Neeraj Gupta One of our clients had a requirement to send monthly invoice statements to their customers. The statements are generated in Apex as pdf documents. For an extra layer of security, we wanted to have these monthly statements password protected. Unfortunately, we could not find a native solution that could… Read More

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Real World Experience with Salesforce1 Heroku Connect


Today Heroku announced the general availability of Salesforce1 Heroku Connect. Heroku Connect makes it easy to build customer-facing applications that leverage your existing Salesforce data. Behind the scenes, the Heroku Connect database sync service and new API tools give developers and IT organizations the best of both worlds. Web application developers can use the tools… Read More

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Updating a Record When Viewed using Standard Page Layout

salesforce lead object

I recently had a scenario where I wanted to track the last time a Lead record was viewed in Salesforce for auditing purposes. I added a simple Last_Viewed__c date field to the Lead object and then set about updating it every time the record was displayed in the standard page layout. I poked around the… Read More

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Spring Training Episode 3: Salesforce Reports and Dashboards


One of the best things about Salesforce is the ease with which data in the system can be represented in useful reports and dashboards. This is a feature that can turn an ordinary system administrator into an MVP to executives who rely on good information to make decisions. In this edition of our “Spring Training”… Read More

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Spring Training Episode 2: Salesforce Workflow and Validation Rules

baseball mit

Last week we started a blog series about taking time to focus on the fundamentals of Salesforce. We began with adding fields to custom objects, and this week we shift to two of the most widely-used features in Salesforce: Workflow and Validation Rules.  The beauty of these two features is that they give you a… Read More

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Salesforce Admin Hack Series: User Object


As Admins, we all use the User object right? So why not “hack” it up??  Michael Farrington and I return with another installment in the Salesforce Admin Hack Series. This time we hack the User object with what we believe are some very useful “hacks”. Hopefully you will find great value in them! As a quick… Read More

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