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Updating a Record When Viewed using Standard Page Layout

I recently had a scenario where I wanted to track the last time a Lead record was viewed in Salesforce for auditing purposes. I added a simple Last_Viewed__c date field to the Lead object and then set about updating it every time the record was displayed in the standard page layout. I poked around the… Read More

Jeff Douglas     @jeffdonthemic

Spring Training Episode 3: Salesforce Reports and Dashboards


One of the best things about Salesforce is the ease with which data in the system can be represented in useful reports and dashboards. This is a feature that can turn an ordinary system administrator into an MVP to executives who rely on good information to make decisions. In this edition of our “Spring Training”… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

Spring Training Episode 2: Salesforce Workflow and Validation Rules

baseball mit

Last week we started a blog series about taking time to focus on the fundamentals of Salesforce. We began with adding fields to custom objects, and this week we shift to two of the most widely-used features in Salesforce: Workflow and Validation Rules.  The beauty of these two features is that they give you a… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

Salesforce Admin Hack Series: User Object


As Admins, we all use the User object right? So why not “hack” it up??  Michael Farrington and I return with another installment in the Salesforce Admin Hack Series. This time we hack the User object with what we believe are some very useful “hacks”. Hopefully you will find great value in them! As a quick… Read More

Jarrod Kingston     @jarrodmichael

Spring Training: Working with Custom Fields in Salesforce


Sports fans know this time of year as the Baseball Spring Training season. This is when ballplayers from the thirty Major League teams escape the cold weather and gather in Arizona and Florida to prepare for the long season ahead. All the players have been honing their skills since childhood – still, they use this time… Read More

John Gorup     @appiriojohn

Point to point integration tips for Salesforce


By Mauricio Desiderio Salesforce is an awesome piece of software. It is amazingly extensible and configurable, and I have seen people do amazing thing with it. All of this extensibility and ease of use can be deceiving though, because unlike people’s imaginations, there are some technical limitations. These limitations make it very difficult, or some… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

Two New Google Calendar Features to Make Meetings Easier

google calendar

By Anne Frances Durfee New features in Google Calendar make it easier for you to organize meetings with your coworkers and clients. Google Calendar now maps your meeting location and allows you to name your virtual Hangout. Map Your Meeting Location Planning to meet your client at a local restaurant? Going to an offsite conference? Google… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

Testing the Chatter API

chatter api

By Mitul Patel There has always been interest to integrate with Chatter. Chatter’s business value potentially increases several fold by integrating with other enterprise applications. The Chatter API does a great job of exposing interfaces for integration. As with any development, testing Chatter integration is an important task. The Chatter API, being a REST based… Read More

Appirio     @appirio

Small Google Apps Updates That Make a Big Difference: Activity Stream in Google Drive


By Loren Udwin Do you collaborate with team members using Google Drive?  If so, then you are going to love the new activity stream in Google Drive! One of the best features of Google Drive is the ability to share files and work together, but have you ever wondered “What did my coworker change in… Read More


Small Google Apps Updates That Make a Big Difference: New Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Have you started using the new Google Sheets?  Google Sheets have lots of improvements including increased speed, the ability for offline use, the capability to support larger sheets, and the addition of new views among others. Google Sheets Upgrades Here is an overview of the improvements: Millions of cells to work with: no limits on… Read More

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