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Excerpt: What does Heroku1 mean for Developers?

heroku1Heroku1 was announced a couple of weeks ago at Dreamforce but was overshadowed by the Salesforce1 fanfare. Salesforce1 is awesome but, I think Heroku1 is just as important, if not more, as it will open the platform up to new developers and new ways to develop apps for

Let me start out by saying we love Heroku at CloudSpokes and Appirio. We were the first platinum partner, built our entire CloudSpokes platform on it (Heroku case study) and are currently hosting over 160+ apps on it. A majority of the applications built for CloudSpokes challenges are done on Heroku not be cause we mandate it but because developers absolutely love the ease, power and flexibility of the platform. So to say the least, we were excited when they announced Heroku1.

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Jeff Douglas

Jeff Douglas is a senior technical consultant at Appirio and the platform architect for the CloudSpokes community. He is one of the first MVPs and holds multiple certifications. Jeff has contributed in various ways to many projects including the Web Services Connector, Toolkit for Facebook and the for Google App Engine Java Toolkit. He is also the co-author of two books, the Salesforce Handbook and Beginning Google App Engine for Java.

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