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Small Google Apps Updates That Make a Big Difference: Activity Stream in Google Drive

By Loren Udwin

Google-Drive-iconDo you collaborate with team members using Google Drive?  If so, then you are going to love the new activity stream in Google Drive!

One of the best features of Google Drive is the ability to share files and work together, but have you ever wondered “What did my coworker change in this presentation?”  Or, “Who shared this folder with the boss?”

No more wondering! Google has put an end to those questions with the release of  a activity stream in Drive providing a single, easy-to-view place to review every action taken on your files and folders.

To get started, click the ⓘ button in the top right corner of your drive and the activity stream will appear.  The activity stream will show who has taken action on files and folders located in “My Drive”. You will see a rundown of what everyone’s been up to: who has edited, commented, added a document, renamed a spreadsheet, shared with another team member…

google drive

The activity stream provides information on the following actions:

  • Moving and removing

  • Renaming

  • Uploading

  • Sharing and unsharing

  • Editing and commenting

For each date where activity was found, there is a note of who made a change and which files, folders, or collaborators were affected by the change.

Overwhelmed by all the changes?  You can easily view only the information you are interested in. Select any file or folder and the stream will change to show information relevant to just that item.

From the activity stream you can also quickly review and edit settings, including sharing options, item descriptions, folder locations, and time of the last modification.  In order to modify these setting, click Details (next to Activity in the box that appears) and from there you can make the necessary modifications to that specific file or folder.


Activity stream is currently rolling out and I highly encourage you to try it with your team to make working together even easier.

Have you used the activity stream yet?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on working with activity stream.

Loren Udwin is an associate consultant in the Change Enablement practice.  She loves working with Google clients and is certified by Google in Change Management.  In her past life, she worked in the entertainment industry primarily in television programming and public relations.  She is passionate about travel having spent most of her life bouncing back and forth between the US and South Africa as her family has a safari company specializing in trips to Southern Africa.  Please feel free to reach out to her on LinkedIn.


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