San Francisco, CA

Workday Rising

This is Workday's annual customer conference that focuses on the people who have embraced Workday and cloud computing. Appirio will have the  chance to collaborate and celebrate with the growing Workday community.

Las Vegas, NV

Data Analytics Week

Data Analytics Week  is where quants and analytics-seeking business leaders come together to evolve their skillsets so they can better drive their business, brand and career.

The mission is simple: proficiently transform information into insights.

This forum is for the most passionate analytics seekers to exchange, discuss, collaborate and shape the future of data analytics. We confidently depart from using the term “big data” because regardless of the size of your data, there is powerful information to unlock. Only here will you realize the powerful ROI of business intelligence. Don’t miss out on this valuable and thought-provoking event.

Appirio is a sponsor at this event.

San Francisco, CA

Topcoder Open

Including the first-ever TCO Developer Conference, Celebrity Match, API Mashathon and the chance to win t-shirts, prizes and up to $25,000 in cash.