Topcoder™: The World's Largest Community of Technical Experts

“NASA Tournament Lab has partnered with topcoder™ to tap
into a global talent pool for algorithmic and software development.”


Dr. Karim R. Lakhani
Principal Investigator
Harvard NASA Tournament Lab

Topcoder: The Crowdsourcing Development, Design, and Data Science Platform

Topcoder is Appirio’s proprietary crowdsourcing development platform. Our mission with Topcoder is to provide enterprises with efficient access to the world’s best technical talent, and to help reward the world’s best designers, developers, and data scientists for honing and proving their skills.

The Topcoder community contains 660,000+ technical experts. Organizations like Amazon, Box, Facebook, Google, Harvard, Humana, NASA,, and Yelp tap into the Topcoder platform to drive innovation from the smartest community on the planet.

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Widen Your Innovation Funnel

In Topcoder's unique marketplace you pay only for results. Experts are rewarded based on the value they create, not how long it takes to do something. Multiple individuals compete to solve your problem, and the best solutions are rewarded.

Topcoder’s innate efficiency allows you to widen your innovation funnel. It’s no longer a luck game – innovation can be predictably achieved through a better process.


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Crowdsourced Development Talent

crowdsourcing development

Let’s build it – together – with the largest development community in the world. The ubiquity of the internet and cloud computing platforms amongst the world’s top technical resources means that there exists a “distributed system” of application development experts all connected by the web.

All you have to do is engage them.

crowdsourcing development

Crowdsourced Design Talent

crowdsourcing design

From mobile app screens, to UI for web and desktop apps, all the way through wireframes and prototypes, Design Studio is where the path begins to build the visual representation of your innovative idea.

More than just logos, this is true graphic and creative design, the front-end of technology innovation.

crowdsourcing development

Crowdsourced Data Science Talent

crowdsourcing data science

This community contains the best algorithmists and data scientists in the world. The crowdsourcing model puts the best minds for the task at hand in direct competition, ensuring that the best results rise to the top.

Topcoder has solved some of the toughest academic and real world problems for organizations like Harvard and NASA.

crowdsourcing data science

Customer Success Story: MESH01

“The work that Topcoder completed in three months was equivalent to approximately 15 full time developers, and the community delivered a platform at nearly half of the estimated cost.

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