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1 Seat* Annual Access



Solution Center

5+ Seats* Annual Access




>10 Seats*

Negotiable for larger implementations

*A per-seat license is a software license based on the number of individual users who have access to the software.
For example – a 10-user per-seat license would result in up to 10 individually named users who can access the platform.

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Features Professional Solution Center Enterprise
[topcoder] Platform Specialist – Access to virtual platform expertise to drive success
[topcoder] University Master’s Pass – Access to all available tutuorials and learning guides
Advanced Analytics and Reporting – Enterprise productivity dashboards, contest market analysis, and more
“Get Going” Gameplan – Budget, timeline and all the contests behind your specific project
Deep Dive Domain Training – Across [topcoder]‘s areas of expertise, Design, Development, and Data Science Choose 1 All 3 All 3
Customer Roundtable Attendee – Semi-annual gathering of [topcoder] customers to discuss best practices and drive learning
On-Site Training – Training is subject to scheduling and availability. Non-Enterprise clients, please inquire about pricing Available
Expert Services – As needed field support, instant training, community engagement and more Available Available Available
Unlimited Seats – [topcoder] access across IT, App Dev, Marketing, Mobile, and more

crowdsourcing development

Breakdown By Challenge

Challenge Type Examples Average Pricing*
Business Analysis Idea Generation, Content, Test Scenarios $6,100
Creative Design Web, UI, Mobile Screens, Infographics, Logos $5,200
Prototyping UX Templates, Wireframes, HTML5 Mockups $5,900
Architecture Application Infrastructure, App Design $5,400
Code Application Development, Web Development $5,500
Testing Test Suites, Bug Hunts, Code Coverage $3,700
Task Microwork, Housekeeping Items $1,000
Data Science Data Science, Algorithim Creation/Optimization $50,000

*Challenge prices are inclusive of prize money and platform fees.

crowdsourcing development

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