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Appirio Speaking Sessions

Session Title: The 3 C's: Overcoming Capacity, Capability and Calendars When Delivering Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are a critical way to drive top-line growth and empower employees. While the Salesforce platform offers a great foundation to create powerful mobile experiences, having the right foundation is just the beginning. How do you know the right app to prioritize? How do you access the right design and development talent to bring that idea to life? How do you weave that app into your existing processes and channels to get the most out of it? Join a panel of customers from across different industries that leveraged the Salesforce platform and a crowd of global talent to create experiences to wow customers and drive business results.

Speaker Details:

  • Greg Barlin, Director, CrowdFirst, Appirio
  • Shane Baldino, VP Marketing, Arthur J Gallagher
  • Rebecca Grazier, Lead Briefing Consultant, BMC


Session Title: How To Plan and Profit From An Investment in Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Wave is a powerful tool to bring customer data to life - to visualize trends, spot opportunities, uncover problems, predict outcomes and much more. But like any power tool, you have to know how to wield it if you want it to perform to its full potential and do good, not harm. In this session, Appirio’s Wave expert and Salesforce MVP Mike Martin will talk through some of the most compelling use cases for Wave, where it’s not the best fit, and lead a panel discussion with customers currently using or implementing Wave about opportunities and lessons learned.

Speaker Details:

  • Mike Martin, Senior Consultant and Salesforce MVP, Appirio


Session Title: The Future of Work in the Enterprise

HR organizations today face challenges in acquiring and retaining talent that can create compelling Customer and Worker Experiences. This session explores how the future of HR and workforce planning will involve both in-house talent and crowdsourcing. By leveraging both, your organization can overcome talent gaps and leapfrog your competition.

Speaker Details:

  • Harry West, VP Services Product Management, Appirio