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Creating Exceptional Constituent Experiences -ebook

Nonprofits understand the value of every constituent interaction; under constant pressure to lower operating costs while building constituent loyalty, Nonprofits… Read More


Infographic: The Customer Experience Compass

These days your Customer Experience needs to be led by a compass not a map. The shifting market place means… Read More

IT Talent Wars and the Gig Economy: Is the C-Suite Ready for the Future of Work?

Ninety percent of C-level executives agree that recruiting and retaining technology talent is a top business challenge, according to a… Read More

mobile customer experience

The Digital Customer Experience Strategy Guide

Your customers expect a seamless, digital, and hassle-free Customer Experience — emphasis on “digital.” This is a sizeable challenge for… Read More

salesforce for hr worker experience

Engaging Employees with a Modern Worker Experience

Investing in a better Worker Experience should be as high a priority as investing in the Customer Experience. Workers take… Read More


Debunking 5 Myths About SAP’s Journey to the CRM Cloud – ebook

If sales was easy, everyone would carry a quota. Because it’s not, the most successful organizations rely on Salesforce CRM.… Read More

employee engagement

The Future of Employee Engagement – ebook

In a world of smartphones, tablets, and “wearables” that track everything from baseball scores to your heart rate, we now… Read More

creating a great customer experience

Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience – ebook

Forrester Research defines Customer Experience as: “How customers perceive their interactions with an organization.” Essentially, Customer Experience takes design, psychology,… Read More

mobile app development

The Key to App Development: Fail Fast

You have probably heard the story of Thomas Edison, and how he took 10,000 tries to make a light bulb… Read More

salesforce wave implementation services

Salesforce Wave for Non-Profits – ebook

As a nonprofit, you have many programs, projects, and people to organize — all of which are essential to your… Read More

Salesforce Wave for Analytics

The Transformation of Enterprise Analytics – Infographic

The world of enterprise analytics is changing and Salesforce Wave is at the center of that transformation.

salesforce sales cloud implementation

How To Get the Most Out of Salesforce Sales Cloud – eBook

Salesforce Sales Cloud has lead the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SFA eight years in a row, and there seems to… Read More

mobile app development customer experience

Digital Engagement Providers – Forrester Research Report

Building and delivering great mobile experiences will be the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy for the next 10… Read More


The Appirio Crowdsourcing Solution

Overview of Appirio’s crowdsourcing offering    


Mobile in the Enterprise: How to Build Your Way to Success – eBook

Enterprise mobile apps have the potential to increase worker productivity, improve relationships with customers, and increase business process efficiency, but… Read More

mobile business transformation

Whitepaper – The Road To Social Business Transformation Starts With A Burning Platform – Forrester

Social business technology can transform the way employees work by eliminating barriers to collaboration, improving customer engagement, and accelerating the… Read More

mobile app development

Develop a Better Mobile App Faster – eBook

No longer ‘nice to have,’ mobile applications are a now an enterprise requirement. IDC predicts the worldwide smart connected device… Read More


Reinventing the HR Business Partner – eBook

The ways that HR services are being delivered to organizations are evolving rapidly. These changes include moving from traditional HR… Read More

business intelligence in the enterprise

How Data Science and Business Intelligence Are Changing The Enterprise – eBook

We live in a world of unprecedented volumes of data, now commonly known as big data. Only one half of… Read More

key marketing metrics

Introduction to Marketing Metrics – eBook

Successful organizations know the power of good metrics. However some business functions are easier to measure than others. For analyzing… Read More


eBook: 7 Ways to Prepare for the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce is in a unique position to empower customers with a new level of business intelligence horsepower. With Analytics Cloud,… Read More


Datasheet: Appirio Worker Experience Service Offering (WeX)

Millions of new workers have entered the workforce, and are changing the fundamental career experience for all generations of workers,… Read More

worker experience is employee experience

Building the Worker Experience – eBook

Research has shown that improvements to employee engagement have positive effects on business results, including driving Customer Experience. But the… Read More


Make the Move from Order Taking to Strategic Sourcing

Organizations are constantly leaning on staffing executives, corporate recruiters and talent management leaders to reach hard-to-find talent more effectively and… Read More


Jason Averbook HR Tech Podcast & Free Appirio eBook

Hear the latest from Jason Averbook on HR technology in this exclusive HR-focused podcast!   If you sign up now… Read More


Sales Enablement: Making Life Easier for your Sales Team eBook

It’s been fifteen years since introduced a cloud-based Sales Force Automation application (SFA). Since then Salesforce SFA has become… Read More


Infographic: The New Customer Service

The landscape of Customer Service has changed. Customers expect more than ever out of their experience – if you can… Read More

integrate oracle ebs with

eBook: How to Integrate with Oracle EBS

One of the most common Salesforce integrations is with an ERP system. The success of these Salesforce implementations often depends on backend data… Read More

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.42.33 AM

Slidedeck: Which IT Projects are the best Fit for Crowdsourcing?

You and your colleagues work together inside the four walls of your company. You have projects that require expertise in… Read More


Slidedeck: Customer Service – More Important Than Ever

Good case management practices are half the battle, the other half is having a great knowledge management process and system.


Datasheet: Appirio Cloud Management for Workday

Appirio’s Cloud Management for Workday service extends the capabilities of internal teams with subscription-based access to cloud expertise and technology… Read More

Workday Financials

eBook: Workday Financials – 6 Advantages of a Unified Finance and HR Platform

Cloud technologies, like Workday, have quickly changed the tone of collaboration between the Finance and Human Resources. The conversation has… Read More

adaptive sourcing

eBook: How Adaptive Sourcing Helps CIOs Revolutionize Innovative IT Sourcing

In a recent series of research notes, Gartner examines the state of the union of both corporate innovation and open… Read More

Workday Payroll Implementation and Customization Services

eBook: Best Practices for Configuring & Implementing Workday Payroll

Employees celebrate payday. Yet the behind-the-scenes processes human resources (HR) professionals have to perform to make every payday happen correctly… Read More

Systems Integration in the Cloud Era

How to Think about Systems Integration in the Cloud Era

Complex systems require an innovative and systemic approach to integration.  In order to fully satisfy the user requirements, an iterative processes… Read More


How topcoder Helped Harvard Medical School Crack The DNA Edit Distance Challenge

With only $6,000 in prize money, Harvard Medical School was able to tap into 733 crowdsourced participants – including 122… Read More


Topcoder – Your Only Global Crowdsourcing Partner for Data Science, App Development, and Design

This White Paper has three simple aims. First, it will introduce you to crowdsourcing as an indispensable business tool. Second,… Read More


Knowledge-Centered Support with Salesforce Service Cloud – eBook

Two thirds of consumers say they’d spend more with a company that provides excellent customer service. Learn how to improve… Read More


Customer Service – 4 Emerging Opportunities

With ever-increasing competition and customer expectations, innovating on the customer experience may no longer be optional. As Forrester’s Kate Leggett… Read More


NYSE Customer Success Story

Learn how NYSE transformed their business and improved customer experience with’s Sales Cloud and Appirio in only 6 months.


CRM’s Role In Channel Sales Models

These days channel partners can play a much larger and more sophisticated role in the overall sales process. Whether they… Read More

Talent Management in Retail

The Talent Management Imperative in Retail

Learn how retailers who holistically manage their supply and demand of talent using technology (i.e., people, processes, and technologies) in the context of business goals and operations will see a distinct competitive advantage over those who don’t.

marketing automation field guide

Global Marketing Automation Deployment Field Guide

Having a strategy before going global with your marketing systems is critical, and the only way to ensure that your… Read More

software to beat the competition infographic

Infographic: How to Beat Your Competition with Custom Applications

Learn how to use custom functionality to give your team a leg up on the competition. Take your CRM and applications to the next level, where they truly drive value for users by customizing them to supercharge your business.


Turn Software Into a Strategic Weapon for Your Organization

Companies that are leading and disrupting industries are using custom tools and applications as a way to give their organizations a leg up on the competition. These pioneers have realized that using the same out-of-the-box application as their competitors, has provided them with marginal advantages, where the winner is determined by who uses the solution the best or cheapest.

Build the Business Case for HCM Field Guide

How to Build a Business Case for HR & Talent Management Solutions

HR projects are notoriously difficult to get funded, and are often among the first cuts when capital and operating budgets… Read More


Datasheet: Cornerstone OnDemand Services

Partner with experts who can help you develop, implement and evolve your learning and talent management strategy.

Talent Pipeline Field Guide

Building Bench Strength through Talent Pipeline Management

Because the scope of bench strength has evolved, so too must the processes that organizations implement to build it.

Application Development Infographic

Infographic: 10 Best Practices for Application Development

Best practices for application development in the cloud. As applications become key differentiators for companies, knowing how to build is now a requirement

crowdsource development infographic

Infographic: Anatomy of a Crowdsourced Application

Crowdsourcing can be an incredibly efficient way to build applications. Let us pull back the curtain for you and show… Read More

crowdsourcing whitepaper

6 Reasons Why Crowdsourcing Supports Software Innovation Better than Outsourcing for Enterprise IT

An interesting evolution is happening at the intersection of work, technology, and the models for sourcing technical projects. Software is… Read More

Cloud RFP

12 Questions to Ask Your Next Cloud Implementation Partner

Congratulations on making the decision to power your business with the cloud. Through new business models, processes and behaviors enabled… Read More

HR Predictions Whitepaper

Our Time is Now: 2014 HR Predictions – Whitepaper

2014 is going to provide Human Resources with an amazing opportunity to reimagine the function. With a robust set of… Read More

Taking Finance to the Cloud Whitepaper

Taking Finance to the Cloud

Today, Finance departments are not only expected to provide their traditional role of transaction processing, control, planning and financial reporting,… Read More

Sales and Marketing Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Marketing & Sales: A Lesson in Marriage Counseling

Learn why a Marketing and Sales alignment strategy is the healthiest thing you can do for your company, and hear… Read More


Datasheet: Google Apps Implementation Services

Learn the key tasks and costs associated with Appirio’s Google Apps implementation services.


Datasheet: Workday Implementation Services

Quickly migrate your core business services, HR, Finance and Payroll applications to the cloud.


Datasheet: Solutions to Reimagine HR

Reimaging HR takes more than just implementing Human Capital Management technology in your organization. Appirio offers strategic HCM guidance and… Read More

Workday Financials Webinar

Recorded Webinar: The Power of Reporting in Workday Financials

Come explore the power of reporting in Workday Financials. In this webinar we will explore all types of reporting: financial,… Read More

HR Agility Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Building an Agile HR Strategy

Learn how HR organizations can build an agile HR Technology Strategy poised to meet the new demands of business. Today’s… Read More

Work Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Rebooting Work – Making a Life while Making a Living

Hear legendary Silicon Valley company builder and 30-year veteran of the technology industry, Maynard Webb, share his thoughts on the… Read More

Workday Post Deployment Webinar

Recorded Webinar: You’ve Deployed Workday…Now What?

Now that you’ve successfully deployed your Workday solution, it’s time to get the most out of your technology investment. Learn… Read More

HR Disruption Whitepaper

HR Disruption Whitepaper

As cloud, mobile, and social tools continue to dominate the HR discussion, and the workforce grows impatient for consumer-grade technology,… Read More

Cloud Human Capital Management Whitepaper

Whitepaper: How Cloud-Based Human Capital Management Can Impact Business Results (Registration Required)

Next generation cloud-based HCM applications have the potential to provide never-before-imagined benefits that can maximize business results. However, HR and… Read More

Use CRM to Sell More Whitepaper

5 Ways to Use CRM to Sell More

Sales organizations can succeed solely with good sales reps and solid leadership driving them in a focused way. However, with… Read More

Cloud UX Webinar

Recorded Webinar: UX and the Cloud

Why user experience should be considered in any Salesforce project? How to apply user experience principles to your Salesforce projects?… Read More

Kelly Services Service Cloud Webinar

Recorded Webinar: How Kelly Services Wows Employees and Customers with Service Cloud

Learn how Service Cloud and consulting partner Appirio are enabling Kelly Services, to deliver outstanding customer service both to their… Read More


Recorded Webinar: Complexity Matters – Assessing the Health of Your Salesforce Org

Learn how leading companies are leveraging metrics from their Salesforce instance to measure their complexity and assess the trade-offs of… Read More

Sales Forecasting Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Make Accurate Forecasting a Reality in Your Business

CRM systems have long promised accurate forecasting as an outcome but few companies have moved beyond being able to forecast… Read More


Datasheet: Cloud Management Services

Appirio offers a portfolio of Cloud Management services to help enterprises maintain, enhance and monitor their cloud applications.


Datasheet: Cloud Metrics

Cloud Metrics provides IT executives and administrators with concrete metrics to: see where you stand relative to others in terms… Read More

Developing with Cloud Platforms Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Supercharge Development Productivity with Cloud Platforms and Crowdsourcing

In today’s fast-moving tech environment, there are more demands on your technology teams than ever. But technology teams that are… Read More


Maximize Customer Interactions with Effective SAP-Salesforce Integration

The right level of SAP-Salesforce integration enables information sharing across systems and helps sales more successfully target, acquire, service and… Read More

User Adoption Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Achieving Business Goals in the Cloud: The Importance of User Adoption (Registration Required)

Any technology project is only successful if people actually use the new technology. Hear from renowned IT industry analyst Michael… Read More

Early Cloud Adopters Perspective Whitepaper

Whitepaper: State of the Public Cloud: The Cloud Adopters’ Perspective (Registration Required)

To understand the cloud adopter perspective, Appirio worked with Itracks, a leading online market research firm, to survey IT decision… Read More

Cloud for the Enterprise Whitepaper

Whitepaper: What Cloud Computing Can Do For Your Enterprise (Registration Required)

Cloud computing is seen by many organizations as a less costly, more agile alternative to installing, running and maintaining their… Read More


Forrester Wave: Salesforce Implementation Services Report

In the The Forrester Wave™: Implementation Services, Appirio received highest current offering scores in business innovation and prebuilt IP.


Case Study: IDC on Kindred’s Mobile Cloud App (Registration Required)

“Appirio partnered with us to build a very successful mobile cloud CRM application for 224 of our nursing facilities on… Read More


Case Study: Enterasys’ Service Cloud ROI

Enterasys used and Appirio to build a global service management application to track products and their related support contracts.… Read More


Appirio Company Overview

1 page overview of how Appirio accelerates the cloud-powered business.

Cloud Development with Crowdsourcing Whitepaper

Saugatuck Research: Crowdsourcing Development for the Boundary-free Enterprise™

Link Outside the Box: Crowdsourcing Development for the Boundary-free Enterprise™. Crowdsourcing is a powerful capability for the Boundary-free EnterpriseTM, leveraging… Read More