Reimagine your business with cloud, social, mobile technology and crowdsourcing


Appirio’s strategists bring together technology expertise, functional experience, and a deep understanding of the way people work to help enterprises transform relationships with their customers, partners and workforce.

Innovation Workshop

A collaborative workshop to determine how cloud, mobile, social technology could transform the way your business engages with customers, partners and employees.



Identify key challenges and business priorities



See what’s possible with cloud, mobile, social technologies

Brainstorm how these technologies can impact challenges/priorities

Identify long list of opportunities


Opportunity Prioritization

Prioritize opportunities based on impact and ability to execute

Create short-list of opportunities to prototype immediately

ServicesDashLIconTime 1-2 weeks ServicesDash

For: Technology, HR, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations

Technology’s potential to transform nearly every facet of your business is real. Yet, it can be difficult to identify the specific challenges and business priorities that can be solved with cloud, social and mobile solutions without understanding all that is possible.

Appirio’s Innovation Workshop helps your business and technology leaders get past the buzzwords and identify how technology can create the most impact for your business.

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Customer, People and Technology Strategy

A pragmatic strategy and roadmap to help you wow customers, engage employees and transform operations with cloud, mobile and social technologies.


Environmental Scan

Assess current state operations

Inventory active projects and backlog

Understand technology architecture


Functional Pain Points

Interview key stakeholders

Identify critical functional priorities and pain points

Prioritize critical business needs


Strategic Growth Areas

Identify areas where cloud, mobile, social can transform stakeholder relationships and internal operations

Prioritize top growth areas

Develop roadmap

ServicesDashLIconTime 3-4 weeks ServicesDash

For: Technology, HR, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations

Appirio Customer, People and Technology Strategy services help your organization rethink sales and marketing processes to be more customer-centric, ensure HR and talent management initiatives are optimized to support business objectives and drive employee engagement, and enable IT to focus on outcomes rather than infrastructure and plumbing.

Our strategy services will arm your  teams with:

  • Quick diagnosis of current state pain points
  • Assessment of where your organization stands relative to what’s possible with today’s technology
  • Establishment of vision and workforce experience model
  • Alignment around highest impact opportunities, including “seeing your future” with prototypes and mockups
  • Pragmatic and actionable strategic roadmap and Year 1 plan

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Vendor Selection and Business Case

Make better, more informed decisions to identify the right technology vendor and quickly demonstrate the business case for moving to the cloud.


Strategy and Needs Assessment

Interview or survey stakeholders

Understand strategy and business drivers

Define business strategy-driven requirements

Create vendor shortlist


Vendor Engagement and Inquiry

Assess vendors based on current pain points and cloud capabilities

Analyze organizational risk/reward

Define business-based demo scenarios


Recommendation and Business Case

Compare and select vendor

Create business case and ROI

Create high-level organization transition plan

For: CRM, HR, Customer Service, Marketing, Collaboration, Custom Apps

Appirio’s Vendor Selection and Business Case services offer a proven evaluation process that focuses not only on functionality, but also on the value drivers of technology in your organization and a vendor’s ability to deliver on specific business outcomes.

With strategic insight, your organization can make more focused, well-informed decisions that reduce risk, decrease cycle time, and shrink the administrative costs of selecting a software solution.

Appirio Vendor Selection and Business Case services provide you with the following:

  • Vendor selection based on ability to deliver business outcomes, not just features
  • Business case analysis incorporating impact of business outcomes, not just cost comparisons
  • High-level organization deployment plan

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Deployment Planning/Readiness

You’ve chosen the right technology and your implementation plan is solid.  Now ensure your organization is ready for change.


Define Vision and Assess Readiness

Establish guiding principles and desired outcomes

Establish success metrics

Define governance model and technical architecture

Assess cultural or structural barriers to change


Plan Development

Understand desired timelines

Develop deployment assumptions

Define deployment phasing and timeline

Determine optimal staffing or resourcing model


Risk Identification and Mitigation

Interview key functional stakeholders

Identify critical activities and capabilities

Identify critical risks and mitigation plan

For: Technology, HR, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations

Appirio Deployment Readiness services help your team clarify and communicate vision and develop a high-level plan for major transformation initiatives. Our team will work with yours to create a structured deployment plan that takes into consideration your organization’s culture, business challenges, workforce experience, and how change will impact multiple audiences, ensuring your organization is prepared for real, long-term transformation.

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