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“The Appirio team exceeded our expectations from day one, demonstrating extraordinary technical expertise and proving to be an invaluable partner to our organization.”

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LMS Project Lead, Netscout

Cornerstone OnDemand

The flexibility and continued innovation offered by Cornerstone’s integrated talent management clouds enable organizations to better recruit, develop, and reward the people who make their businesses go.

Cornerstone OnDemand Services Partner

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Cornerstone OnDemand Services Partner

Talent Management Expertise

Appirio has the largest and fastest growing Cornerstone OnDemand practice in the world. Our extended team of over 100 talent strategists, change enablement specialists, and integration consultants ensure your Cornerstone OnDemand deployment meets your organization’s unique challenges. We are also a preferred strategy and implementation partner of Cornerstone for Salesforce.

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The Social
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HR Disruption

Cornerstone OnDemand Services Partner

Cornerstone OnDemand Implementation Partner

Defining your Cornerstone OnDemand Strategy

Putting this technology in place is an important step, but it takes more than that to deliver value to the business and the workforce. There are talent strategies to create, resources to secure, processes to be rethought, functional silos to break down, change management issues to address, and data from disparate systems to merge.

Cornerstone OnDemand Implementation Partner Cornerstone OnDemand Implementation Partner Cornerstone OnDemand Implementation Partner

& Solution Design

& Development

& Post Go-Live Extension

  • Collaborate to build your talent management strategy and business case to ensure your solution aligns and evolves with the needs of your workforce
  • Develop project charters and plans to get your solution deployed quickly and effectively
  • Design business processes that are easy to adopt and yield the data necessary to support decision-making
  • Build competencies and job content to tie together your talent management processes
  • Configure Cornerstone OnDemand to reflect the business outcomes that you are driving toward and avoid the “automation of current state.”
  • Develop branding and custom pages to tailor your users experience
  • Migrate your talent data and integrate your Cornerstone OnDemand solution with your system(s) of record and service providers
  • Develop custom reports and analytics that turn talent data into talent intelligence
  • Train and coach system administrators on how to maximize the platform
  • Drive adoption by applying a thoughtful and pragmatic change enablement approach
  • Optimize the value of your Cornerstone Clouds with expert advice to support the changing needs of your business and your workforce

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