Cloud Enablement Suite

A suite of applications that bring the best of Appirio to every engagement

Appirio’s Cloud Enablement Suite enables Appirio’s cloud experts to deliver results quickly by enabling them to access assets from thousands of past projects, tap into the talent of a global developer community, and measure themselves against the best in the industry.

Cloud Enablement Suite

TechCESAppirio's Cloud Enablement Suite is an integrated suite of cloud technology, assets, analytics and a crowdsourcing community to implement, manage, and measure enterprise cloud initiatives. With the Cloud Enablement Suite, Appirio's cloud experts and customers can get started quickly with assets from thousands of past projects, tap into the talent of a global developer community, and measure themselves against the best in the industry. This means we can deliver high-quality, innovative solutions, quickly and consistently.

The Cloud Enablement Suite has four components:

Cloud Management Center

Appirio's Cloud Management Center (CMC) is an application created to successfully run cloud development projects and manage your cloud architecture. The CMC enables agile delivery and is the control panel to the rest of the Cloud Enablement Suite including topcoder, the World’s largest cloud-focused developer community.


CMC provides the following capabilities that represent the full, and ever-improving, lifecycle of success with cloud projects:

  • Project Templates based on our experience from thousands of projects make it easy to get started. Templates contain typical user requirements, development tasks, and relevant assets.
  • Asset Matcher helps identify relevant assets from past Appirio projects and the topcoder community to ensure we never start from scratch.
  • Work Manager provides the tools to manage iterations and releases. Work Manager ensures that everyone is on the same page and that we apply the best resources to every task.
  • Release Manager simplifies deployments by providing tools to generate deployment packages and compare environments.
  • Metrics provide cross-enterprise benchmarks on adoption and complexity. Measuring solutions against benchmarks ensures high quality and the best outcomes.
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Cloud Asset Library

There's no reason to start from scratch when you think about adopting or extending leading cloud applications such as Salesforce, Google, or Workday.


Over the course of thousands of enterprise cloud projects, Appirio has assembled a Cloud Asset Library that is an integral part of our Cloud Enablement Suite. We've collected close to 1000 assets in this library, ranging from packaged connections between cloud platforms to reusable components to best practices and templates to development tools and utilities.

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Cloud Intelligence

Metrics, benchmarks and insight from Appirio customers, the topcoder community and Appirio’s cloud experts to provide a pulse on an enterprise’s performance relative to peers, and an informed perspective on industry trends.


Interested in seeing where your cloud deployments stacks up relative to your peers? Check out Appirio Cloud Metrics!

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Topcoder, Appirio's crowdsourcing development platform, matches companies with a worldwide community of over 700,000 designers, developers and data analytics experts that enterprises can call upon as needed.


Topcoder incorporates a community competition and peer-review model that reduces development costs and drives innovation by ensuring the best solutions rise to the top.

You can use topcoder to create:

  • Custom Applications that extend Salesforce CRM
  • Mobile Apps that extend cloud applications
  • Social Extensions that add functionality to existing social platforms
  • Applications on Emerging Platforms such as Cloud Foundry and Heroku
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