Chris Barbin
Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Weinstein
Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Global Services

Chris Heineken
Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Lang
Chief Learning Officer

Latané Conant
Chief Marketing Officer

Krishnan Subramanian
Chief Financial Officer

Rajeev Kumar
Chief Customer Officer

Jennifer Odess
Vice President, Office of the CEO

Steve Pruden
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Anindya Chaudhuri
Global Lead, Integration and Strategy

Gary Rinedollar
Vice President, Alliances and Channels

Ritu Bhatnagar
Deputy General Counsel

Justin Anderson
General Manager, EMEA

Takashi Watanabe
Vice President and General Manager, Japan

Manpreet Singh
General Manager, India

Gaurav Pruthi
General Manager, APAC

Erik Duffield
General Manager, Americas CRM

Colin Gelfer
Senior Vice President, North America Sales, CRM

Vice President, North America Sales, HCM

Charlie Cowan
Vice President, EMEA Sales

Sid Mishra
Practice Head, Appirio India