A Vision for the Future: Quote-to-Cash Success at Alcon

The medical device industry is undergoing seismic change with the advent of powerful new technologies. Many companies are already feeling the weight of disconnected legacy systems and the challenges of increasing regulatory compliance.

At the same time, customer expectations are rising. Consumer-grade omnichannel experiences are no longer just for B2C companies. Big or small, if your customer experience isn’t relevant, meaningful, and personalized, you won’t attract prospects, and you’ll lose your existing customer base to companies that are making CX a priority.

But supporting amazing customer experiences and enabling your employees to provide exceptional customer service isn’t always easy.

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Headshot of Juli Zoota
Juli Zoota
Global Head of Strategic Pricing — Alcon
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Annie Wright
Senior Director Product Marketing — Salesforce
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Hassan Syed
Quote to Cash - Wipro