Why a Journey Map is Key to Your Digital Technology Strategy

Forrester Research released their report “Your Digital Experience Technology Strategy Starts with a Customer Journey Map,” and after reading it, I felt like they had been crawling around inside my brain. No other report has resonated with me so much, hit the nail so rightly on the head, or so clearly stated what organizations need […]

The Source of the Lead Source

When getting our clients up and running on marketing automation, there are a few things that come up like clockwork. One of them is ALWAYS “Lead Source.” It’s amazing how this seemingly trivial, little field can cause so many problems and yet hold so much power.  Use it wrong and you’re on the highway to […]

Top 5 Must-Do’s of Salesforce Campaigns

The Most Underrated Object in The Campaign Object What are Salesforce Campaigns? Campaigns are a standard object in that can ROCK. YOUR. WORLD.  Or as, themselves, define it: “A campaign is an outbound marketing project that you want to plan, manage, and track within Salesforce. It can be a direct mail program, seminar, […]

What I learned at ExactTarget’s Connections 2013

What a week! I just got back from ExactTarget’s Connections 2013 conference in Indianapolis- easily the biggest conference ExactTarget has had to date.  And it definitely had some “Dreamforce” undertones- big productions, remarkable speakers, and tons of customers.  There were over 60 break-out sessions, an outstanding keynotes from Jim Collins, author of “Good To Great” […]

Marketing Super Heroes – Fact or Fiction?

This week I received a phone call from a long-time-client-turned-friend. After some catching up, she came clean with the reason she was really calling and she asked the question I get faced with a lot, “I think I need to hire someone or maybe I need to re-org my team. We’re missing something but I […]

The Marketing Automation Landgrab…Who Wins?

Marketers win! Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the cat’s out of the bag – Marketing is HOT RIGHT NOW. We watched IBM swoop up Unica and Teradata counter the move with an acquisition of Aprimo. Oracle upped the ante and snapped up Eloqua. And of course, we can’t leave out the latest in the series […]

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