Your Company Culture Should Keep You Up at Night

“What keeps you up at night?” This is the number one question employees ask me. It’s a great question and my answer has been the same since the early days of Appirio – our culture. It’s not growth. It’s not our competition. It’s not customer loyalty. It’s not money (although to be honest that did […]

Appirio Chooses Indianapolis as Official Corporate Headquarters

Today we announced that we have chosen Indianapolis to serve as our official corporate headquarters. The city and state will invest nearly $10M in Appirio as part of this designation, and in turn, Appirio will commit to 577 jobs by 2020. We’ll continue to sustain strong growth in our San Francisco, Dublin, London, Jaipur and Tokyo […]

Apple + Appirio

Disruptive. That is the word most often associated with Apple. From computers and music, to watches and healthcare, any industry they touch is forever transformed for the better. Apple might be best known for the advancements they’ve brought to consumers, but when you think about their potential in the enterprise, it’s only just begun. The […]

Liberal Arts in the Digital Age

Bates College, my alma mater, recently hosted a forum in San Francisco titled “Liberal Arts in the Digital Age.” I had the privilege of joining Google CFO Patrick Pichette and President Spencer in a discussion that centered on the intersection of Liberal Arts and the tech industry. With the major digital disruption going on in […]

$35 Million in Funding to Help Customers Win in the Cloud Economy

Today we announced that we have raised an additional $35 million in funding led by Fidelity Management & Research Company. The technology industry is rife with new rounds of funding – from the $200 million Series D announced this week by our friends at Domo to the $2.8 billion Series E that Uber raised earlier […]

RFRA in Indiana

Doing The Right Thing

I’ve been the CEO of Appirio since the company was founded in 2006, and this is my first blog on a political topic. My parents told me growing up that nothing good comes from mixing politics and business. This week they were proven wrong. Late last week the Indiana state legislature and Governor Pence put […]

A Plea to the Cloud Industry – Demand Competitiveness

Why Organizations Should Demand Speed, Early Results and Bold Thinking from their Cloud Providers We started Appirio eight years ago with a simple goal – to accelerate the adoption of on-demand (now the cloud) in the enterprise and disrupt the IT services industry. We wrote a manifesto back then called Services 2.0 because we were […]

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