A Keynote to Remember – Return of the Platform

“Even the very wise cannot see all ends.” Gandalf, Return of the King   In 2004 I started at SAP in the Office of the CEO, at the time one of the foremost influential companies in enterprise technology. Over lunch a member of the executive board told me that the market was going towards the […]

Appirio Testifies Before Congress – Crowdsourcing, Innovation and Prizes

Yesterday, Appirio had the unique opportunity to testify before the House Subcommittee on Research and Technology in a hearing “Prizes to Spur Innovation and Technology Breakthroughs.”  It’s stunning to see the attention that has suddenly emerged in the last few months on crowdsourcing, open innovation, and prizes / challenges, etc. xPrize and TED announce a […]

How changed an industry, Appirio and me

Origin Stories: Aspirations of Becoming a Superhero I’ve always particularly enjoyed origin stories in comic books: how Superman came to earth and his isolation, Spiderman gaining powers and the guilt of inaction and the Hulk becoming green and the struggle against oneself. They provide a light on who we are and our struggles to escape […]

2014 – The Year Innovation Finally Funnels into Your Business?

In the past decade, technology leapt beyond laptop screens onto phones, tablets, clothing and even glasses. Just a four-year span saw the founding of Facebook and Twitter, the launch of the iPhone and Appstore and the unveiling of Android. Because these innovations built upon one another through the shared platform of the Internet, they could […]

TopCoder Open

TopCoder Open 13: Celebrating Global Technology Excellence

Today, the 13th annual Topcoder Open begins in Washington D.C. It brings together 100 finalists from the worlds of design, development and data algorithms for a three day competition celebrating the best of new era technology. The last decade has brought unprecedented integration of technology into every part of our business and personal lives. How […]

Appirio Combines Topcoder and CloudSpokes – The Uber Cloud Services Company

Today, Appirio announced the acquisition of Topcoder and its combination with CloudSpokes to create a community of nearly 600,000 designers, developers and data analytics experts. Our journey with Topcoder and crowdsourcing began nearly five years ago when we used the community to help prepare for a keynote at’s Dreamforce conference – where Appirio would […]

800 Pound Gorillas Seldom Knockout 800 Pound Gorillas

I recently wrote a post – Why Enterprise Technologists Should Pay Attention to Startups and Opensource (and CloudSpokes) and received many comments on if and how it often applied to more than technology.  In many cases it holds true. In large organizations we spend a disportionate amount of time looking at our peers in the […]

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