A Transparent Workplace Secures Authentic Worker Engagement

  A few years ago, an open-concept restaurant kitchen took part in a customer service study. Customers in this study rated their (very visible) food preparation and customer service 17 percent higher than a regular restaurant, where they couldn’t see their food prepared. Additionally, when the customers and cooks could see each other, cooks got […]

10 Ways to Make Your Coworkers Happy in a Shared Workspace

CLIP … CLIP …. CLIP CLIP … “Is someone clipping their fingernails right now? Gross!” The practice of working in a shared area has grown drastically over the last few years. Communal work areas contribute to an environment of engaged and productive employees, which leads to a healthier Worker Experience (WX). Yet on the flip […]

Envisioning the Future of Work with Cheryl Cran

“The future of work is about people first.” Known internationally as an expert in the Future of Work and Change Leadership, Cheryl Cran excels in a field that welcomes only a select few. Her research and knowledge centers around work innovation and technology enablement. Her expertise allows her the unique opportunity to assist leaders in […]

How The First Tee Needed Salesforce for Greater Visibility

As a growing company that brings golf to over 4 million youths every year, The First Tee needed help — and they knew upgrading their technology was necessary to manage that growth. The First Tee needed a solution that would also improve productivity, increase visibility into data, and ultimately, change young lives. They knew they […]

Big Thinking at the Worker Experience Tour in Atlanta

  Small details placed throughout the W Atlanta – Buckhead’s top floor bar ensured that attendees of the Worker Experience Tour felt appreciated. From the welcoming floor mats to custom-made Citruous Cycle drink (think Virtuous Cycle, only with alcohol), Appirio set out to create a welcoming environment for their guests — but they didn’t stop […]

How to Reduce Job Stress For A Healthier Workplace

From a very young age, children are taught that to be successful, we must work for it. We should prioritize work over everything else: parenting, hobbies, and even our own well-being. But the elephant in the room is the massive stress, and the resulting risks, that work causes. Work stress is a recognized global problem. […]

YETI’s Customer Experience Boosted By New Retail Store

In the 90s, online retail emerged and forever changed the face of the entire industry. Customers began purchasing goods online, making an overnight success out of early online retailers. As a result of online sales success — combined with market fluctuations — companies began closing their retail locations. Remember Blockbuster and Circuit City? Subsequently, many […]

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