Transforming Patient Services with a Cross-Cloud Consumer UX

Transforming Patient Services with a Cross-Cloud Consumer UX

Today’s patients are taking a more active role in medical decision-making. Recognizing the shift towards increased patient autonomy, institutions are turning their attention to providing a better patient experience. Seeing the need for seamless connectivity and a 360-degree view of their patients, Ashfield Healthcare turned to Salesforce and Wipro to build a cutting-edge platform that could transform their patient experience across the care continuum.


Progress slowed by legacy systems and manual processes

Until 2016, Ashfield, a global leader in outsourced healthcare services, relied on outdated legacy solutions and antiquated manual processes to connect and engage with their patients. This resulted in customized developments and delays anytime they needed to onboard a new client program. In addition, new GDPR regulations meant that Ashfield needed a solution they could easily and seamlessly adapt to their evolving needs.


Single cloud ecosystem

Ashfield sought Wipro’s assistance to implement a solution that would help healthcare professionals and patients get the medicines, information, and support they needed. Together, they were able to realize this goal with the help of a single cloud ecosystem - Salesforce.

Wipro designed a cross-cloud solution using Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Shield, and Field Service Lightning to create a seamless experience for all patient needs.

“Building this solution with Wipro Salesforce helped us reach a new level in regards to patient solutions.”

Nagore Fernadez, Head of Patient Solutions, Europe & Canada
Nagore Fernadez
Head of Patient Solutions, Europe & Canada


Clinical educators gain anywhere/anytime access

Since go-live, this partner-driven application has supported more than 1,000 clinical educators providing informational healthcare to patients across the globe. Ashfield’s new solution also gives clinical educators anywhere, anytime access to their work schedules, clinic meetings, and patient referrals. And smaller added functions, like integration with Google Maps, helps medical staff maximize their time with patients.

In honor of our work improving the Ashfield patient experience, Wipro was awarded the 2018 Salesforce Partner Award in the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry.