Boosting BP’s Productivity with Salesforce

Boosting BP’s Productivity with Salesforce

BP Upstream Global Wells Organization (GWO) was in need of a centralized Case Management solution that not only managed issues but also improved learning, transparency and collaboration.


Issue resolution hindered by complex system

The complexity of BP GWO’s processes and industry demanded a solution that allowed for end-to-end case management, including routing and reviews. The solution also needed to be globally accessible to all users, and cases and solutions needed to be referenceable to help streamline case resolutions. Ultimately, they needed a system that supported both their processes and their globally distributed team.


Unified case management with friendly UX

Wipro designed a comprehensive strategy that met all Case Management requirements while building a cohesive, global user experience. Wipro then moved into execution, leveraging Service Cloud assets to accelerate development and Salesforce Communities to achieve the easy-to-use experience.


Legally compliant and highly adaptable issue resolution

The solution design also included data residency, digital security and other compliance requirements that resulted in a legally compliant and highly adaptable end-to-end case management solution for BP GWO. Today, more than 1,200 BP employees use the Service Cloud solution, providing the visibility and collaboration BP needs to improve the quality of their issue resolution.