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Creating a centralized and customized view with complex integrations using PSA

Creating a centralized and customized view with complex integrations using PSA

Cisco is a $50B global IT, hardware, networking, software and services conglomerate headquartered in California with over 75,000 employees. Cisco helped build the internet and about 85% of internet traffic travels through Cisco's systems. They were having difficulty with implementing FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) with a centralized and customized view.


The first FinancialForce PSA implementation veered too far from core functionality. Cisco needed to roll out PSA to their global consulting team, which included 10,000 users. They had a complex technology stack making rollout difficult and couldn’t align with FinancialForce native features


Appirio delivered complex integrations through PSA as the sole tool to manage project and related revenue, integration with CPQ and its complex quoting structure, integration via MuleSoft and development with FSL for scheduling capabilities, as well as integration with Oracle ERP for specific cost and revenue records. Appirio set up a future state for the PSA community to become the first point of interaction with Cisco’s customers.

After the initial MVP we continued to work with Cisco to broaden the Professional Services infrastructure and implementation of processes for the following modules:

  • Pursuit Management
  • Resource Management
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Project Management
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Billing Generation
  • Mobility and Collaboration
  • Reports and Dashboards


Using Financial Force PSA, Appirio rolled out multiple MVPs over 18 months, focusing on the improving the end user experience and providing a flexible, fast, customized and reliable professional services infrastructure for Cisco. Since go-live, Cisco has reduced usage of Excel spreadsheets and now have a centralized view of the program for reports and dashboards.