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Georgetown 360: A digital experience that feels like home

Georgetown 360: A digital experience that feels like home

Georgetown is more than a higher learning institution. For students, alumni, and faculty, Georgetown is home. As their students, alumni, and faculty have become more immersed in technology, Georgetown knew their technology needed to be an extension of the truly unique experience the school offers to keep Georgetown feeling like home. That’s why they turned to Salesforce and Appirio to create a seamless experience that spans from applicant to alumnus.


UX degraded by outdated systems

Georgetown wanted to replace outdated systems that were detracting from the student, alumni, and faculty experiences. They needed more than a technology upgrade. They were looking to consolidate their employee experience to one CRM while providing unique, tailored interfaces to their applicants, students, faculty, and alumni. To achieve their vision, they knew they needed much more than technical expertise. They needed a strategic partner with enterprise-level consumer UX experience.


Across-cloud solution with a university-wide CRM

Before Georgetown 360 came to life, Appirio started with an initial Strategy phase to build an end-to-end roadmap for achieving Georgetown’s vision and goals. From data governance and data model to stewardship and adoption, the Appirio Strategy defined the building blocks for a cross-cloud solution.

Next, the university-wide single CRM vision came to life with:

  • Multiple constituent communities, focused on Prospects, Students, Alumni, and Faculty/Staff
  • Enhanced email messaging for all outreach targets at both the graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Integrations with core Georgetown systems


Georgetown Community engagement -- done digitally

Georgetown 360's users have an interactive, personalized experience that creates meaningful Georgetown Community engagement. This flexible solution allows Georgetown staff to meet the separate needs of their Undergraduate and Graduate schools, increase faculty engagement and satisfaction, and provide employees with a unified CRM management experience, breaking down technical siloes.

Today, more than 4,000 Students. 160,000 alumni, and 2,500 faculty members engage with Georgetown360 regularly, bringing the unique experience Georgetown offers in real life to each digital interaction.