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A Seamless Transition to Salesforce with Wipro

A Seamless Transition to Salesforce with Wipro

NYSE Euronext was looking for a provider in the CRM space that could keep up with the demands of their global customers and create the competitive edge they were looking for. Salesforce was at the top of their list, and they worked tirelessly to find the right strategic partner who could transition their aging IT system to Salesforce on an accelerated timeline.

“Working with Wipro was a natural fit for us. We had the same culture, we thought about things the same way. We were able to sit together and collaborate and come up with ideas, and solutions very quickly.” - Sean Montgomery, SVP, NYSE Euronext

To their delight, Wipro did it in half the time. In just six months, seven million records from NYSE Euronext's IT system were moved to Sales Cloud. The value gap was bridged for 350 users across 15 locations in eight countries who were up and running on Salesforce.

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