Unifying the YETI Customer Experience across Every Touchpoint

Unifying the YETI Customer Experience across Every Touchpoint

YETI crafts high-end, seamless one-piece polyethylene coolers, known for their durability. But YETI makes and sells more than fancy coolers and cups. Through smart marketing, they’ve built a luxury lifestyle brand, and their customers expect luxury at every touchpoint.


Unscalable processes

As one of the most popular emerging niche brands, YETI was experiencing explosive growth. As a young company, their processes and systems weren’t designed to scale with their rapidly expanding team and customer base. Their support system consisted of spreadsheets, color-coding in Gmail, and several manual actions. YETI knew to provide the luxury experience their product demanded, but they needed uniform processes and technology that not only enforced them, but also provided top-notch customer experience


Standardized system for workflow and communications

YETI partnered with Wipro during an initial define-and-design phase to examine existing business processes and help Wipro establish standardized processes and communications with customers. From there, a roadmap was laid out for YETI to follow to improve the customer experience.

Wipro implemented Service Cloud to automate and track service efforts — complete with reporting and dashboard functionality with production metrics (e.g., closed cases within a given timeframe, case statuses, etc.). Service Console was set up to help YETI’s customer service teams view all the data necessary to help customers and fulfill service requests within a unified view of a customer’s support cases; Chatter was implemented for enhanced collaboration between service agents; email templates were put in place to standardize email messaging to customers, ensuring a more consistent CX.


Enhanced CX

With Service Cloud, YETI can now track customer support efforts to find areas of improvement; they have greater consistency in support turnaround times, and the increased visibility helps YETI’s senior leaders make better staffing considerations based on case volume. These changes make standardized processes possible and easy to use. Support agents can easily track and check the status of their individual support efforts in Salesforce (while maintaining the use of email when necessary) and facilitate standardized communications with customers. By partnering with Wipro on their CX transformation, YETI developed customer service processes as seamless and high-quality as their much-loved coolers.