How to Use Metrics to Adapt to the Customer

“A watched pot never boils” is an ancient proverb that has never let me down, especially when cooking. But I recently figured out a loophole for this trusted Chinese proverb — marketing to informed customers. In today’s world, your customers’ needs change on a daily basis. To deliver a lasting Customer Experience (CX), you’ve got […]

Best (and Worst) Practices of Big Data Lead Management

“This is the age of the all-digital customer and it is dramatically changing how we connect with them.” – Mark Moebius, Dell’s VP of Marketing (EMEA) Marketing executives have noticed a shift in buying habits. Customers want what they want when they want it. Now, consumers are waiting until further in their customer life cycle […]

3 Customer Experience Lessons From How to Get Away with Murder

Customer Experience is much more than sales and service. It involves high levels of critical thinking, empathetic interactions, and a desire to take feedback and turn it into a strategic business plan. Companies that actively work to transform their Customer Experience make an effort to help their customers be more aware, satisfied, and amplified — […]

Grow Customer Awareness With Predictive Intelligence Tools

“The world is now awash in data and we can see consumers in a lot clearer ways.”   – Max Levchin, PayPal co-founder If companies don’t take steps to understand their audience, they’ll lose those customers to companies that place greater emphasis on a strong Customer Experience (CX). Today’s most successful companies design their CX […]

YETI’s Customer Experience Boosted By New Retail Store

In the 90s, online retail emerged and forever changed the face of the entire industry. Customers began purchasing goods online, making an overnight success out of early online retailers. As a result of online sales success — combined with market fluctuations — companies began closing their retail locations. Remember Blockbuster and Circuit City? Subsequently, many […]

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