Be a Customer Experience Genius

By Erin Lively Holiday shopping lists can be divided into 2 categories: a blanket gift for those you don’t know too well (but feel obligated to buy for), and thoughtful gifts for a special few in your life. We all know how it feels when you open a generic holiday card to find a $25 […]

The Retailer’s Dilemma: Bricks vs. Clicks in the Digital Age

By Erin Lively Retailers opening up shop online incited a revolution; the ability to peruse a store’s selection without the burden of putting on pants changed life as we know it. Shopaholics can indulge their addiction secretly and without fear of judgment. Students can effectively tune out their professors — learning to make investments in […]

How to Maintain a Quality Email List

By Erin Lively In an ideal world, everyone who subscribes to your email list eagerly awaits your company’s messages in their inbox. But the reality is that not every lead will develop into a profitable relationship. Growing an email list by creating and reinforcing an optimized Customer Experience can engage quality subscribers and minimize dead-end […]

How Will Customers Engage in a World Powered by IoT?

By Erin Lively Although my childhood “woes” were met with varied reiterations of “when I was kid…” tales of walking 15 miles uphill to and from school, it’s time we broke this tradition of little sympathy for younger generations — and for good reason. Thanks to smart home technology, the age-old questions “Did you do […]