A Transparent Workplace Secures Authentic Worker Engagement

  A few years ago, an open-concept restaurant kitchen took part in a customer service study. Customers in this study rated their (very visible) food preparation and customer service 17 percent higher than a regular restaurant, where they couldn’t see their food prepared. Additionally, when the customers and cooks could see each other, cooks got […]

10 Ways to Make Your Coworkers Happy in a Shared Workspace

CLIP … CLIP …. CLIP CLIP … “Is someone clipping their fingernails right now? Gross!” The practice of working in a shared area has grown drastically over the last few years. Communal work areas contribute to an environment of engaged and productive employees, which leads to a healthier Worker Experience (WX). Yet on the flip […]

5 Great New Salesforce Wave Features In The Summer ‘17 Release

By: Dave Dixon There is a lot to love about Salesforce Wave — the rich and intuitive interface, the powerful visualizations for exploring and analyzing information, the ability to take action on your findings right from where you are doing the analysis. However, one of the best Wave features is often overlooked — the speed […]

Outdated Technology Hurts Employee Engagement

Whatever your field or industry, your people have jobs to do. (Even this guy, who tastes ice cream for a living.) So if your workers have to jump through hoops to access the tools they need to do those jobs, they will become frustrated — and eventually — disengaged. Workers who are disengaged from their […]

Ask the MVPs: 6 Questions About Salesforce

By Akshat Singh Salesforce is the most important platform we utilize. We run our business from this platform — from presales, to customer requests, to implementation and delivery. In essence, we’re successful because Salesforce gives us the ability to do hassle-free business, stay organized, run analytics, and stay engaged. Recently, we sat down with eight […]

Appirio Worker Experience Tour ‘17 Enlightens in The Big Apple

Appirio rounded out the spring leg of the Worker Experience Tour at Manhattan’s delightfully boudoir-esque Redbury Hotel. The speaker lineup was padded with top industry execs and thought leaders, including John Davisi, Senior Director of People Operations at Buzzfeed, and best-selling author and “futurist”, Jacob Morgan. Nonprofit worker insights The first of two customer panels […]

Enabling the Modern Workforce with RingCentral

Contributed by Tom Phillips, Director Channel Sales, RingCentral Common problems of today’s workforce and IT teams allude to dreams of having all communications on a single platform while meeting budget and avoiding the logistical nightmare of tracking who is using what for which purpose. Let those dreams become your reality. The question to seriously consider […]

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