Do You Have a Strategy for Transboarding?

Most organizations have some kind of recruiting strategy and onboarding process for finding and training new talent. But while many of these employers are spending a good chunk of time and money finding people to fill open positions and train new hires, the best people for the jobs might be right under their noses. Recruit […]

7 Digital Transformation Predictions for 2017

Investments in data science, business APIs, and agile partnerships will be areas of focus for organizations looking to digitally transform in 2017. Business executives will (and should) feel the pressure to embrace the potential in transforming operating models to enhance digital products and services. In their report, Predictions 2017: In Digital Transformation, The Hard Work […]

3 Reasons It’s a Great Time to Be in B2B Marketing

This October Forrester had its B2B Marketing event, which featured the latest research and thought leadership on the subject. We live in an era of unprecedented change in B2B marketing — a field that had generally been consumed with advertising and outbound mailings (electronic and otherwise). The shift in marketing is creating big opportunities for […]