User-Generated Content Makes A Better Worker Experience

As a whole, humans crave connection with others. So those nice, warm fuzzy feelings are inevitable when your favorite brand produces faultless User-Generated Content (UGC). If you’re unfamiliar with the term, UGC is any kind of content created by the users of a brand, which is usually posted to social media or in customer communities. […]

Centers of Excellence: Inspiring Productive Collaboration

By: Lauren Abriani, Michael Henry & Aruna Kanaujia “Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.” – Clarence Day Many Centers of Excellence (CoEs) strive to be a reliable hub of information for every member of an organization — from functional delivery and integration teams, to internal sales and marketing gurus. CoEs utilize a […]

Salesforce and Google Sheets: A Collaborative Asset

Many companies are building on and improving their collaborative efforts — not just because it expands their scope of communication, but because working collaboratively boosts employee engagement. Organizations utilize Google Cloud’s G-Suite because of the synergetic qualities of the platform … and apps like Google Sheets make collaboration easy. One file can be shared, accessed, […]

7 Reasons You Should Come To The Worker Experience Tour

Your workers hold the social capital to your company. Think about it. A customer’s primary touchpoint to your brand is through your employees. It’s fundamental that every worker stay engaged and happy with their work. Learning how to keep your employees satisfied is a genuine benefit of attending the Worker Experience (WX) Tour. The worldwide […]

True Leadership Encourages Innovation In The Workforce

“People work better when they know what the goal is and why. It is important that people look forward to coming to work in the morning and enjoy working.” – Elon Musk, founder of Tesla   Every successful company benefits by incorporating innovative work practices into their culture. One of the strongest examples of this inventive […]

Happy Workers, Happy Customers: The Virtuous Cycle

Companies like Google and Facebook seem to have mastered the balance of happy workers and happy customers. But while most organizations lack the budget and scale that these tech giants have, delivering a great Customer Experience (CX) and Worker Experience (WX) is still very achievable — regardless of company size or industry. What many business […]

How Iqarus Uses Salesforce to Gather Life-Saving Data

For over 40 years, the professionals at Iqarus have been providing intelligence-driven health solutions in high-risk environments (like on a Diving Support Vessel operating in the North Sea). As a business that thrives on data, the leaders at Iqarus naturally saw the need to provide employees with a cloud-based tool that would allow them to […]

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