How Iqarus Uses Salesforce to Gather Life-Saving Data

For over 40 years, the professionals at Iqarus have been providing intelligence-driven health solutions in high-risk environments (like on a Diving Support Vessel operating in the North Sea). As a business that thrives on data, the leaders at Iqarus naturally saw the need to provide employees with a cloud-based tool that would allow them to […]

Ask the Experts: Learning and Development in 2017

  Employees today want things like flexible work environments, competitive pay, and good benefits. But to compete for today’s top talent, organizations also need to provide opportunities for growth and learning. By creating a collaborative learning environment, employees will feel more fulfilled and engaged, and can gain important skills to excel in their jobs. To […]

Do You Have a Strategy for Transboarding?

Most organizations have some kind of recruiting strategy and onboarding process for finding and training new talent. But while many of these employers are spending a good chunk of time and money finding people to fill open positions and train new hires, the best people for the jobs might be right under their noses. Recruit […]

What You Need to Know About the New Google Cloud

If you’ve Googled Google lately you may have noticed some changes to the way its enterprise offerings are named and packaged. Google’s cloud services are now officially known as Google Cloud (the same thing you’ve probably been calling it anyway), and Google Apps for Work (i.e., Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and Drive) is now G Suite, […]