Managing a Virtual Team with G Suite

43 percent of Americans reported working remotely last year, according to a study conducted by Forbes. (Up from 39 percent in 2013.) The ability to work anywhere, at anytime, is incredibly desirable in today’s workplace, and can easily be a determining factor when dealing with company culture. Virtual work is the wave of the future […]

Technology Giving You a Headache? Pull Out the Nail

If you’ve haven’t seen this video, check it out; it’s pretty funny. The woman has a nail in her head and is complaining to a man (presumably, her partner) about her headaches. He wants her to take the nail out of her head and solve the problem. She just wants him to listen: “It’s not […]

Confident Leaders Inspire Confident Employees

Far too often, we hear stories about executives not caring about their workers. The stereotypical leader focuses on one idea, and one idea only, and that’s making money for the business. Although this is important — and ten years ago this may not even have been a topic of conversation — today we know there’s […]

4 Types of Workers, and How to Manage Them

By: Derek Heim A strong organization mirrors a well-designed puzzle. In order for everything to look good — and function properly — all of the pieces must differ. If the pieces are all the same, they won’t fit together, and the puzzle can’t be built. Any stable organization will have a diverse group of individuals, […]

Workday Rising: Grow a Different (Worker) Experience

Workday Rising is fast-approaching, so mark your calendars for October 9-12, 2017 in Chicago at the McCormick Place Convention Center! The event is Workday’s annual gathering of customers, prospective customers, partners, and employees that collaborate and learn how Workday helps organizations achieve their growth objectives and prepare for the future.

Why Data Science is So Hot Right Now

Back in 2012, Thomas Davenport wrote in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) that Data Scientists have the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” Jump ahead five years, and data science is just as hot — if not hotter. Whether it’s big data, microdata, customer data, employee data, Data from Star Trek … we’ve got a […]

Your Company Culture Should Keep You Up at Night

“What keeps you up at night?” This is the number one question employees ask me. It’s a great question and my answer has been the same since the early days of Appirio – our culture. It’s not growth. It’s not our competition. It’s not customer loyalty. It’s not money (although to be honest that did […]

Developing an Anytime-Anywhere Workplace with G Suite

The “future of work” is the present, and that means now is the time to kick down the cubicle walls and think outside the box. Your employees will do their most productive work if you provide them with the resources, technology, and data they need, along with the freedom to use it wherever they choose. […]

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