Invest in People, Not Perks

In this video series, thought leader and “futurist”, Jacob Morgan, explains that providing work perks like free snacks or yoga classes — while a nice bonus — are not equal to providing workers with an engaging culture. Through his research, Morgan has found that spending money on perks doesn’t solve employee engagement problems. Instead, transforming […]

5 Myths About Women in Technology

By: Derek Heim   In a world riddled with stereotypes and stigmas, people find themselves listening to incorrect assumptions about gender, age, race, and even industries. Now, more than ever, it is incredibly important to overlook these stigmas, and make decisions based off of facts and personal observations, rather than what other people tell you. […]

How Space, Technology, and Culture Engages Workers

Employee Experience Advantage author and thought leader, Jacob Morgan, believes companies need three things to build a successful Worker Experience (WX) — culture, technology, and physical space. Culture is essentially how you feel doing your work, technology is the tools you have access to, and physical environment is where you work. Ensuring that all three […]

A Transparent Workplace Secures Authentic Worker Engagement

  A few years ago, an open-concept restaurant kitchen took part in a customer service study. Customers in this study rated their (very visible) food preparation and customer service 17 percent higher than a regular restaurant, where they couldn’t see their food prepared. Additionally, when the customers and cooks could see each other, cooks got […]

10 Ways to Make Your Coworkers Happy in a Shared Workspace

CLIP … CLIP …. CLIP CLIP … “Is someone clipping their fingernails right now? Gross!” The practice of working in a shared area has grown drastically over the last few years. Communal work areas contribute to an environment of engaged and productive employees, which leads to a healthier Worker Experience (WX). Yet on the flip […]

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