Transforming Customer Service in the Cloud

Now is the time to meet customers where they are — be it on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop — and make better use of customer data at every touchpoint. We’ve moved into the new age of a truly customer-centric Customer Experience… and that begins with smarter cloud technology.

Appirio’s Guide to Modern Customer Service in the Cloud

Creating an exceptional customer service experience is the new battleground for customers. Yet, many organizations struggle to provide customers with a basic level of service, let alone anything close to world-class. Ultimately, the customer service secret is an important combination of people and technology — 2 things this ebook explores in detail.

Creating Centers of Excellence for your Salesforce Org

Discover how to set up a Center of Excellence and enhance the value of your Salesforce investment. A Salesforce CoE can help you improve agility, better manage change in your Salesforce org, and provide better access to subject matter experts across your organization.

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