Single Sign-On In Salesforce

By Priyanka Kumar Single Sign-On (SSO) is a feature that connects multiple applications through one password. It makes life simple, by eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords, and allows you to login once and access many systems. Terminology of Single Sign-On: Here, we will be focusing on SAML-based Single Sign-On. There are a few […]

Is Selenium the Right Automation Testing Tool For You?

By Niza Khunger People are sometimes confused about what automation testing tools are out there, and which one is best for them. There are basically two most widely used choices available in market today — Quick Test Professional (QTP), an automated functional testing tool which is commercial and licensed. And Selenium, an open source automation […]

Prevent Flow Updates With Triggers

By Nitish Bansal In this blog, we will discuss some considerations of using Salesforce Workflow field update or Salesforce Process Builder record update, along with Salesforce’s Apex Trigger. Before the release of Process Builder, if a Salesforce admin or developer wanted to execute operations (like posting Salesforce Chatter messages, or enforcing an auto-execution of Salesforce […]

Salesforce and Acquia Drupal Integrate

By Pankaj Mehra Drupal is a free CMS platform. Acquia is a company which provides a mix of Drupal services. It offers some paid Drupal services, like specialized Drupal hosting, migration into Drupal, support, and training. It also contributes important code to the Drupal community for free. Fortunately, Drupal modules can be downloaded and modified […]

Converting a Visualforce Page into a PDF

By Kamal Sharma Businesses often need webpage data to be converted into a PDF so they can see a snapshot of business critical pages. If you need to display a Visualforce page as a PDF, just put “Render As” equal to PDF, and it works. If you want to send a Visualforce page as a […]

Enhancing the Meeting Experience with Jamboard

By Cynthia Lipkovitch As an Appirian, I can always count on experiencing the newest and most innovative products inside the Cloud. We’re fortunate enough to be encouraged at Appirio to test new features, and provide feedback to enhance the user experience. Google Jamboard is a recent addition to our Indianapolis office, and it is welcomed […]

6 Questions to Ask Before You Begin Testing Workday

By Anthony Wang Welcome to Appirio’s Workday blog series. Where we explore how we enable the Worker Experience for more engaged, productive, and agile workers through the implementation and use of cloud technology. Today’s workers are looking for a top-notch, consumer-grade experience — from the moment they onboard until their first performance review and beyond. […]

How To Sort Date And Date/Time Columns in Data Tables

By: Munib Rehman Problem Definition Data tables internally sort the dates for specific formats only, but we need to decipher some workarounds other formats . The default date format of the datatable is YYYY/MM/DD, which means if the dates are not set in this format, it will require a change in the code. Here are […]

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