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The Services Research Company (HfS), the leading analyst authority on business operations and IT services, recently released their 2017 Blueprint Report for Salesforce Services. HfS analyzed the top Salesforce services partners (including Accenture, Deloitte, Bluewolf, Capgemini, and PwC, among others), looking at their skills and ability to plan, implement, manage, optimize, and operate for all Salesforce applications. We’re proud to say that Appirio, a Wipro Company, was placed in the report’s Winner’s Circle — 3rd among the world’s top 12 Salesforce services partners.

As our first evaluation in an analyst report post-acquisition, this is a huge testament to our joint value proposition. It is our focus on the Virtuous Cycle of Worker and Customer Experiences — as well as our glowing reviews from customers — that helped catapult us into the top 3 in these rankings. Our customers indicated that they like our focus on business outcomes, and although we are experts in Salesforce technology (like, we really know Salesforce), that isn’t the only thing we’re focused on; we see the bigger picture. We understand that it’s helping our customers create amazing experiences — for both their customers and employees — and putting them in a position to compete and win in the digital age that sets us apart.

The report also called out our experience delivering industry-specific (vertical) solutions, which is a big differentiator in the Salesforce services market. Our agile and iterative services methodology, The Appirio Way, was another strength called out by HfS, along with our Cloud Management Center (CMC) — our deployment management system that provides customers with access to our library of solution accelerators including thousands of reusable assets, templates, and tools.

All of the innovative processes and solutions that make us a leader in this space are possible because of the combined efforts of the Appirio and Wipro teams. And this recognition further solidifies in my mind that we’re better together, and I couldn’t be more excited about what awaits us in this new year.

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