Rachel Illingworth

As a growing company that brings golf to over 4 million youths every year, The First Tee needed help — and they knew upgrading their technology was necessary to manage that growth. The First Tee needed a solution that would also improve productivity, increase visibility into data, and ultimately, change young lives. They knew they needed Salesforce.

The First Tee’s VP of Communication and Technology, Jane Fader beamed, “The future of this project is so exciting because our chapter’s going to have just so much more visibility about what’s happening in their full-service area and all the relationships that they manage, and it’s going to enable them to serve their customers — the participants, the parents, the teachers —  all the different partners that they interact with in a better way.” Check out this quick video to find out how The First Tee is using Salesforce to take a more proactive approach to the services they deliver, and helping kids build confidence and character through golf. (P.S. They’re always looking for coaches and mentors!) 

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