Cloud Metrics

Appirio Cloud Metrics for Salesforce helps you pinpoint the hidden complexity in your Salesforce instance and identify ways to optimize your application for peak performance.

Cloud Metrics benchmarks the key metrics of your Salesforce instance, including configurations, customizations, administration complexity, and adoption, against other companies to help you identify where you stand relative to others and where you should focus to optimize the performance of your application.

Cloud Metrics helps you:

  • Understand the biggest factors driving up application management costs
  • Identify where you should focus to reduce cost and improve performance
  • Win broad support with well-formatted benchmark report that’s easily consumable by business stakeholders

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Cloud Storage

Economically store files of any size using the familiar interface.


Appirio Cloud Storage for Salesforce allows users to economically store virtually unlimited numbers of files of all sizes through the Salesforce interface. Appirio securely stores the notes and attachments using Amazon S3.

All you have to do to get started is to install the Appirio Cloud Storage AppExchange package and follow the instructions (users of Salesforce Professional Edition should use this package instead). Get large, unlimited storage within minutes.

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Cloud Storage FAQs

How can I try it out?

Appirio Cloud Storage is available for download from’s AppExchange at After installing Appirio Cloud Storage in your org, go to the “About Cloud Storage” tab and click “Check Setup.” Follow the instructions and, within minutes, your organization will have full access to the product. Note, the trial edition limits the size and number of files you can store.

How do you make it secure?

Appirio Cloud Storage fully encrypts each piece of data as it passes from your computer to the Amazon S3 store. Once there it is protected by the same strong security mechanisms that protect thousands of customers using Amazon’s services (see Amazon developer center for more information).

In addition, when sending and receiving data, Appirio uses the API to confirm that the user belongs to the org they claim to, and that the user has access to the corresponding record. In addition, because we use the session object, usage is restricted to users currently logged into and accessing records. At no time does Appirio have access to your Salesforce org or data directly.

Please review Appirio’s security and privacy policy for more information.

Can I access the documents outside of Salesforce?

No, because of our focus on security, we do not allow external access to files. We use’s security features to ensure security and prevent unauthorized access to documents.

Can I Use Cloud Storage with Custom Objects?

Yes. When you first install Appirio Cloud Storage, you’ll get objects and buttons that work with Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Opportunities, and Campaigns. You can easily extend this to custom objects – and we give you simple instructions on how to do it!

Can I Migrate My Existing Attachments?

We do have a migration utility we make available to customers.

  • It will: Copy documents from some or all of these objects, Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Campaigns, Opportunities
  • It will not: Migrate data from other standard or custom objects (yet) or delete documents from existing records. We are very sensitive for automatically deleting documents. We will be providing customers options and support with the Premium and Ultra version for how to do this.

Can Appirio Cloud Storage also be used to store structured data from my SFDC database (e.g. long text fields)?

No. Appirio Cloud Storage replaces SFDC attachments and documents, but it cannot be used as a replacement storage area for structured data that is stored as fields (e.g., text fields) in your SFDC database.

TechSyncCloud Sync

Cloud Sync keeps your contacts and calendars in sync with Google Apps to ensure you never dial the wrong number or miss another appointment.

Appirio Cloud Sync offers contact and calendar sync in a unified package, with easy setup and administration.

  • Contact Sync: sync up to 5,000 Contacts
  • Calendar Sync: sync calendar events one month in the past and three months in the future
  • Easy Administration: configure and monitor multiple user accounts from any admin login
  • On-Demand Model: pay just $4/user per month for users who need the functionality, not every user with a Salesforce login

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