Appirio believes that Customer Experience is the ultimate competitive factor in the digital age. Bringing together our strategic know-how, creative capabilities, mobile app expertise, and ability to tie it all together on platforms like allows us to transform the digital Customer Experience.

Gain MEANINGFUL INSIGHT into customer behavior

Knowing your customer and what they need

Benchmarked Customer Engagement

Integrated CX Data Availability

Omni-Channel View of CX interactions


Anticipating their needs and desires

Mobile applications that are innovative

Social Communities promoting peer-to-peer collaboration

Rewarding and gamified loyalty programs

IoT Capabilities

Targeted and smart marketing touches

Empower an ENGAGED WORKFORCE to improve service

Delivering on their expectations through sales, services, and marketing

Actionable Data for employees to use

Collaborative capabilities to work smarter

Relevant & Focused lens on the comprehensive data

Fun and engaging ways to interact with customers

Self-service capabilities for customers AND employees

How We Transform Customer Experience:

  1. Experience Transformation Workshops: Our Customer Experience strategists will guide you through a focused Actionable Strategy Program to articulate your vision, review current state of the Customer Experience (and the Worker Experience that impacts it), identify unforeseen opportunities to innovate and optimize, and provide an actionable path forward to achieve a transformational Customer Experience.
  2. Approaching Technical Implementations with a Customer Experience Lens: Too often, technology implementations occur in functional or departmental silos. Appirio is committed to ensuring that all technology implementations — such as, Workday, Google, and Medallia — are done strategically, and in a way that will guarantee the greatest value for your investments. Our methodology starts by putting a Customer Experience lens on technology implementations. In gathering requirements, we conduct numerous journey mapping exercises across the Customer and Worker Experience in order to truly understand the impact and opportunities surrounding a technology implementation.
  3. Digital and Mobile Customer Experience Innovations: Our Digital Studios practice is your one-stop shop for digital transformation with a meaningful tie-in to your back end systems. Our world-class UX experts work quickly to help you bring your Customer Experience aspirations to life. Through a series of creative workshops, we’ll not only assist you in realizing the vision for your digital Customer Experience or mobile application; we’ll architect it, build it, and even support it going forward.

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