The digital age has exposed a new challenge for companies the world over — employee experiences are lagging far behind the experiences being created for consumers. Appirio is confidently leading our customers in the Worker Experience revolution to help them transform the way they engage their employees and think about technology implementations.

  • Empower all categories of worker with tools to manage their work and career on devices they prefer
  • Eliminate redundant steps in workflows and tasks
  • Promote social use cases as ubiquitous
  • Empower workers to contribute content and insights in real time
  • Connect workers through communities to others working on common goals
  • Reduce reliance on top-down communications from HR
  • Address the needs of users who may be employees, contractors, or retirees
  • Provide decision-makers with proactive insights about the business
  • Deliver insights on any device favored by managers and leaders
  • Tie business metrics to business outcomes in a way that helps tell a story

How We Transform Worker Experience:

  1. Experience Transformation Workshops: Our Worker Experience strategists will guide you through a focused Actionable Strategy Program to articulate your vision for your workforce, review the current state of your Worker Experience, identify unforeseen opportunities to innovate and optimize, and provide an actionable path forward to transform the Worker Experience across people, processes, and technology.
  2. Approaching Technical Implementations with a Worker Experience Lens: Technology implementations tend to be driven by business requirements while employee impact takes a back seat. At Appirio, we know that if solutions aren’t implemented in a way that will make your employees more effective, efficient, and happy, adoption rates plummet. Appirio is committed to ensuring that all technology implementations — such as, Workday, Google, and Medallia — are done strategically, and in a way that will guarantee the greatest adoption by your employees (and therefore the greatest value for your investments). In gathering requirements for system implementations, we conduct numerous employee journey mapping exercises in order to truly understand the impact and opportunities surrounding a technology implementation.
  3. Digital and Mobile Worker Experience Innovations: Because the digital age is driving the need for new tools to support the Worker Experience, we’ve built our Digital Studios practice with a core expertise in developing employee-facing digital and mobile applications. Our world-class UX experts work quickly in a series of creative workshops to realize the Worker Experience vision and make it a reality in unparalleled time and quality.

Engagement & Vision

  • Strategic Goals – Vision/Mission Statement
  • Business & IT Drivers
  • Defining Persona & Journeys

Customer Journey Building

  • UX/Personal/Journey Assessment
  • Benchmarking Key Decision Points
  • Building out the Journey Maps

Art of the Possible

  • People/Process/Technology Recommendations
  • Blue Sky Solutioning
  • Crowdsourced Ideation & Visualization

Inventory Capabilities

  • Technology Operations, Strategic Capabilities
  • Platform & Licensing Decisions (Rationalization)
  • Conceptual Data Migration & Integration Plan
  • Administrative & Governance Framework

Strategic Road Map

  • Business Case & Prioritization
  • Roadmap & Phase Plan
  • Change Strategy

Worker Experience Resources:

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