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Rapid technological change is already impacting the Financial Services industry. Data security and improving the customer experience are now a top priority for banks, wealth management, and insurance providers.

At Wipro, we know how important it is to outpace the competition - that’s why we work with you to develop a personalized digital strategy and accelerate its execution on the Salesforce platform.

NYSE's Seamless Transition to Salesforce

NYSE's Seamless Transition to Salesforce

Financial Solutions

Customer Onboarding Experience Lightning Bolt

The Customer Onboarding Lightning Bolt modernizes the commercial banking customer onboarding experience. Built-in automation tools expedite the time it takes to complete the process, while built-in intelligence analyzes customer responses, empowering banks to make precise product recommendations at the most opportune time. Lightning Flow — the latest process automation technology from Salesforce — guides users through an immersive onboarding experience, and a Customer Journey Dashboard provides the instant clarity needed to track customers and keep them moving forward through the process.

As a highly customizable solution, please reach out to us for installation and configuration support.

Employee Community Lightning Bolt

Happy, engaged employees are key to creating happy, satisfied customers. But employee engagement is about more than snacks and foosball tables. It’s about supporting employees through digital experiences that empower them to collaborate and work smarter together. Wipro's Employee Lightning Bolt Solution is built using Salesforce Communities & Lightning – meaning you can roll out a consumer-grade, beautiful employee community with minimal development, and focus your efforts on evolving your community to meet your employee’s needs.

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