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How Technology Can Make Your Nonprofit Stronger

Constituent relationships are complex. An individual can engage in a myriad of ways with a nonprofit: as a donor, a volunteer, a board member, or an event organizer - to name a few. And those relationships can change over time. Nonprofits understand the value of every interaction, but they’re under constant pressure to lower operating costs while building constituent loyalty.

Wipro is uniquely positioned to help nonprofit organizations design and deliver exceptional constituent experiences. We bring together the best of cloud technology and our years of domain experience to help nonprofits advance their missions. As a Premier Partner of Salesforce.org, we’ve made Salesforce’s vision of a “Connected Nonprofit” a reality for some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations.

Fundraising and Donor Management

Wipro created the Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising Launchpad to meet the demands of the market: mid-size and enterprise nonprofits who have a bold vision for growth, but need support to make the leap to Salesforce.

1. Fundraising
  1. Support tracking for online and offline gifts - including grants, pledges, recurring, planned, one-time gifts, and more.
  2. Enhance donor identification, conversion, and segmentation
  3. Streamline multi-channel financial transactions across third-party processors, banks, and internal systems.
  4. Improve analytics capabilities and enable timely and robust impact reporting.
2. Donor Management
  1. Enable a 360-degree view of constituents and engage consistently with them across channels.
  2. Integrate fundraising and marketing solutions to offer insights across communication touchpoints.
  3. Deliver better mobile experiences and engage with constituents anytime, anywhere.


Program Management provides organizations with a single, holistic system for tracking cases, organizing volunteers, and managing projects and initiatives.

1. Case Management/Call Center
  1. Track inbound inquiries and ongoing case-managed clients.
  2. Build and leverage a portfolio of published case responses to reduce turnaround time.
  3. Analyze case trends and measure their impact.
Manage Grants Pipeline and Programs
  1. Manage grant applications, awards, and forecasts.
  2. Collect, utilize, and aggregate data for ongoing program management.
  3. Generate accurate, timely, and insightful metrics for donor impact reporting and informing program design.
Engage Volunteers
  1. Collect new volunteer registrations and track skills, availability, and communication preferences.
  2. Match volunteers with available jobs and capture completed work hours.
  3. Recognize volunteer contributions with milestone awards.


Personalize communications and increase opportunities for constituent engagement through targeted messaging based on their interests and behaviors.

1. Email Marketing
  1. Send targeted messages to the right constituents at the right time and increase response rates.
  2. Optimize campaign results by using data to build segments and analyzing response data in real time.
Online Fundraising
  1. Create targeted appeals to solicit support for online fundraisers and peer-to-peer campaigns.
  2. Deliver mobile-ready donation forms users can instantly share on social platforms once completed.
  1. Mobilize your support base around a call to action.
  2. Empower a digital community to advance your mission.

Teeing Up a Great Experience for Young Golfers

Teeing Up a Great Experience for Young Golfers

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