Retail & Consumer Goods

Drive Engagement at Every Step of the Buyer’s Journey

Merge brick-and-mortar and digital retail, better forecast demand for merchandise, and empower your employees with the right strategic partner.

Our Take

Bring your brand to life with the latest in experiential shopping, demand forecasting, and analytics.

Our Retail & Consumer Goods solutions combine the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud with Einstein Analytics, AI, and IoT

Our experts help you connect your data and leverage powerful, yet easy-to-use tools that empower your employees to deliver a new level of personal customer service.

Retail & B2C eCommerce

In today’s competitive retail industry, brands must know how to manage and leverage an onmnichannel business. Whether a customer is researching a brand online or shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, their experience should be personalized, relevant, and consistent.

1. Seamless Experience
  • Offline-Online System Integration
  • IoT and Data Connectivity
  • Chatbots, AI, and Predictive Shopping Experiences
2. Omni-channel Marketing
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Custom Onsite Content
  • Dynamic Product Recommendations
3. Franchise Management
  • Brand Consistency across Retailers
  • Single Interface for All Franchisees
  • Survey and Assessments

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces have grown exponentially since the dot.com boom of the 90s, and they are projected to hit astronomical levels in the next decade. But the infrastructure supporting these online marketplaces is relatively new. We help fill in the gaps with our Marketplace Lightning Bolts and Commerce Cloud expertise.

1. Vendor Experience
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Mirakl & Salesforce Integration
  • Vendor & Customer Support
2. Connected Worker Experience
  • Cross-Cloud Integration
  • Data Integration & Einstein Analytics

Consumer Packaged Goods

In the digital economy, CPG companies have more channels and touchpoints than ever before. From exploring the possibilities of subscription services to leveraging artificial intelligence to build more intuitive customer experiences, CPG has nearly endless potential. But keeping up can become overwhelming. That’s where Wipro’s expertise comes in.

1. Consumer Marketing
  • Seamless Data Connectivity
  • Marketing Automation
  • Chatbots, AI, and Predictive Shopping Experiences
2. Distributor Sales
  • Consumer-Grade B2B Portals
  • Integrated Co-Marketing Capabilities
  • Third-Party Sales Data Integration
3. Promotions Management
  • Content Management and File Sharing
  • Brand Compliance
  • Single Interface for Retailers

Learn how Wipro is creating a unified customer experience for YETI

Learn how Wipro is creating a unified customer experience for YETI

Retail Solutions

Retail Communications Lightning Bolt

Communicating and collaborating is at the heart of successfully managing franchisees and retail partners.

Appirio’s Retail Communications Bolt allows retailers to communicate more effectively by providing a single community platform designed to accelerate the feedback process necessary for franchisees to scale their business. Engaging retail partners and franchisees in a cloud-based, mobile first community motivates them to become brand advocates, empowering them to deliver on an exceptional customer experience.

Franchise Promotion Management Lightning Bolt

Today, successfully managing retail and franchise promotions requires unprecedented collaboration and communication between franchisors and franchisees, as well as merchandisers, marketers and advertisers to ensure consistency across multiple online and offline channels. Appirio has created this Lightning Bolt Solution to provide franchisors and franchisees, home offices and retail partners a shared, collaborative and transparent framework to manage the implementation and ongoing support of promotions.

Marketplace Onboarding Experience Lightning Bolt

The Marketplace Onboarding Experience modernizes the onboarding process. This Bolt leverages the latest Salesforce process automation technology – Lightning Flow – to guide users through what was once a complex set of interdependent steps and brings clarity and simplicity to the process.

Collaboration tools, such as the ability to create a team and work together, enable vendors to expedite the time it takes to complete onboarding, while an engaging, consumer-grade user interface allows vendors and retailers to see where in the journey a vendor is at and engage and connect with one another at a moment’s notice.

  • Onboarding Roadmap & Timeline: Provides a clear view of the path with at-a-glance insight into where they are on their journey.
  • Guided Workflows: Enable vendors to navigate with ease as Lightning Flow guides users through each step.
  • Progressive Unlocking: Customize the order in which the steps must be completed, and grant vendors more access as they unlock steps.
Employee Community Lightning Bolt

Happy, engaged employees are key to creating happy, satisfied customers. But employee engagement is about more than snacks and foosball tables. It’s about supporting employees through digital experiences that empower them to collaborate and work smarter together. Wipro's Employee Lightning Bolt Solution is built using Salesforce Communities & Lightning – meaning you can roll out a consumer-grade, beautiful employee community with minimal development, and focus your efforts on evolving your community to meet your employee’s needs.

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