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The digital revolution has had a significant impact on the Media industry. Media companies thriving in this new era are successfully leveraging cloud platforms to change the way they manage, relate to, and share with advertisers, brands, and subscribers.

Appirio’s Media Solutions capitalize on Salesforce’s powerful platform as well as the infrastructure you’ve already invested in. Working with Appirio’s Media Industry experts, you will reduce implementation time and risk by leveraging the Media Accelerator’s pre-configured, pre-tested core functionality yet maintain the ability to customize the solution to meet your unique business requirements.

“We are thrilled that Appirio has been recognized as a Salesforce Fullforce Solution partner and is helping companies in digital media connect with their customers in entirely new ways. We work closely with Salesforce Fullforce Solution partners to ensure our customers benefit from Appirio’s proven industry expertise with Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform.”
Kori O’Brien | Senior Vice President, Partner Marketing & Solutions | Salesforce

Some of our Fullforce Solution media customers



Appirio Premium Digital Ad Sales Accelerator

A powerful way to optimize premium digital ad sales & services

  • Streamline publisher-to-advertiser relationships with CRM
  • Manage ad buyer contracts & opportunities
  • Workflow-driven creative uploads, reviews, and approvals
  • Share new ad-buy promotions & rate cards
  • Sharing/distribution and self-service of knowledge articles
  • Log cases for adjustments to impressions across flight dates, properties, and creative
  • Track case status and resolution
  • Track and show advertiser actual versus expected for CPC, CPM, and conversions
  • Publisher ad inventory utilization metrics
  • DoubleClick to Salesforce integration for signed insertion orders, available inventory, and holds
  • Docusign eSignature Integration
  • Automatic credit status checking via back-end integration to financial systems
At Facebook, we take pride in how quickly we deliver innovation and changes in our applications, and the combination of Appirio and the platform has allowed us to meet those changing business needs.

Cole Jimison
Technology Partner, Facebook

Appirio Content Subscription & Delivery Accelerator

Streamline and Optimize Content Subscriptions & Delivery

As the appetite for online media increases, the consumer experience around digital media subscriptions and delivery must be exceptional and hassle-free. Appirio understands the need for providers to leverage a single platform to not only manage but optimize sales, subscriptions, delivery, and customer service.

  • Online subscription sales
  • Renewals, alerts, and promotions
  • Log cases for adjustments to ad sales
  • Track case status & resolution
  • CTI & Live Agent Integration
  • Renewal metrics
  • Promotion Results
  • Measure demographic & segment performance
  • Billing to Service Cloud integration
  • Public knowledge base
The combination of SFDC and company-wide collaboration is where the real transformation opportunity exists by enabling us to resolve customer issues in minutes, not days, and to truly exceed customer expectations.

– Mark Ploof
Chief Customer Experience Officer, YP


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