Wipro DX

Close the Development Experience Gap

Wipro DX transforms the way organizations develop on the Salesforce platform, empowering teams to realize the dual DevOps goals of rapid innovation and system reliability.

Close the Development Experience Gap

Why Wipro DX?

Bring DevOps speed and reliability to the Salesforce platform.

1. Build smarter

Wipro DX provides the tools you need to automate the deployment process and remove tedium and frustration. Other continuous delivery solutions for Salesforce confine you to their UI and tools. Wipro DX works with any Git repository and continuous integration system. Control the tools and workflow you use without building everything from scratch.

2. Deliver faster and reduce risk

High performing DevOps teams are twice as likely to exceed their commercial and non-commercial goals. Wipro DX helps you accelerate deployments with automation and pre-built scripting. Reduce cost and risk by ensuring consistency across complex orgs.

3. Realize the full value of the platform

Salesforce DX is the next generation of developer tooling for Salesforce. But teams often struggle to get started. Whether you develop with clicks or code, build packages or deploy metadata, use sandboxes or scratch orgs, Wipro DX enables you to get the most out of SFDX.


sfdx force:build:smarter

UI for scratch orgs

Salesforce DX is great for developers. But to track their change history and quickly deploy changes across all environments, admins also need a way to create scratch orgs or synchronize their changes to version control. Wipro DX provides a streamlined user interface to allow click-based developers to create scratch orgs and select which changes they want to commit to version control. Users can manage parallel orgs and branches and create pull requests without having to master Git commands.

Install and configure developer tools

Tools like Git, VS Code, and Node.js can be challenging for developers to install and configure consistently across a team. Wipro DX automatically installs and configures these tools for your team. It even manages proxy settings.

Works with any CI system

Standard CI systems provide unlimited flexibility in what tools and scripts you include and how you automate your processes. Wipro DX works on any standard CI system, such as Jenkins, CircleCI, VSTS, or Azure DevOps, and doesn’t force you to use a proprietary CI/CD system. For teams not already using a CI system, Wipro DX includes GitLab for version control and automation and SonarQube for code quality analysis.

Support your development workflow, old and new

Wipro DX supports org-centric Salesforce development by allowing you to track the state of sandboxes in version control, and deploy just the differences between orgs. It also supports the Salesforce DX source format, and modern development workflows using unlocked packages. This allows your team to implement CI/CD right now, and gradually transition to a Salesforce DX workflow that simplifies metadata management.

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