Designed by Google Experts, Appirio CloudFactor lets you access contact and opportunity notes directly from your inbox without having to toggle between Salesforce and Gmail! When you install Appirio CloudFactor, important customer data becomes accessible in one centralized location, making it faster and easier to respond to business needs with the most up-to-date information in Salesforce.

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Why CloudFactor?

Appirio CloudFactor is also the only mobile-friendly Salesforce Gmail extension. Access your customer data anytime, anywhere and keep your opportunities moving forward at the speed of business.

1. Saleforce at a Glance

View Contacts, Leads, Cases, Accounts, and Opportunities related to an email in an instant.

2. Chatter Integration

See Chatter discussion on any record.

3. View Full Records

Dive in and quickly navigate between records using record links. View full record data as if you were seeing it right in Salesforce!