A Better Scoping and Estimating Experience

Estimator makes it easier for Professional Service organizations to scope and estimate any kind of project. Estimator enables your pre-sales and sales teams to provide accurate and consistent scope, capacity models, estimates, and timelines.

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A Better Scoping and Estimating Experience

Fast. Easy. Accurate

There are things a spreadsheet can’t do
Fast. Easy. Accurate

Why Estimator?

Create a transparent, seamless, faster sales process that engages and benefits customers, sales, and delivery.

1. Shorten the sales cycle

A key challenge for any sales team is finding ways to reduce close time. With Estimator, sales engineers save valuable time by leveraging Scope Libraries, Timeline Builder, and Effort Calculators.

2. Set your teams up for success

Estimator is designed to get everyone aligned before a project starts. By defining expectations using scope templates and Salesforce Chatter, Estimator ensures teams can collaborate for maximum impact at every step.

3. Scale your service offering faster

Creating a scoping model for a new service line is challenging and time-consuming. But with Estimator, your roles, rates, and staffing rules - all exist in our scoping tool and can be easily applied to a new project or product type.


There are some things a spreadsheet just can’t do.

Scope Library

The Scope Library allows users to build, collaborate and iterate on project-based scope items and reusable scope templates. Scope Library goes beyond templatization, allowing estimators to categorize and search templates, making it easier (and faster!) for estimators to find the right templates to jumpstart an estimate.

Effort Calculator

Effort Calculator streamlines scoping by helping determine the overall project LOE. Estimate hours for one core resource - such as Developer or configuration consultant - and the Effort Calculator will provide initial estimates for other resources based on Derived Effort Templates.

Timeline Builder

With Timeline builder, estimators can create a new project timeline based on a project's unique requirements - or modify existing timeline templates designed for common project types, durations, and sizes.

Roles & Rates

Roles & Rates allows estimators to assign specific roles and rates to timelines and apply staffing rules, rounding out the total cost of labor for any project estimate. FinancialForce PSA customers can go even further - they can leverage existing rate cards and create resource requests based on your estimates and timelines.

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