7 Digital Transformation Predictions for 2017

Investments in data science, business APIs, and agile partnerships will be areas of focus for organizations looking to digitally transform in 2017. Business executives will (and should) feel the pressure to embrace the potential in transforming operating models to enhance digital products and services. In their report, Predictions 2017: In Digital Transformation, The Hard Work […]

What Exactly is Business Intelligence?

By Chetan Tanwar Business Intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information to be used for business analysis and growth. BI can help organizations answer some important business questions, like: Who are our potential customers? Which products are sold the most? What are […]

How to Use Big Data to Transform the Retail Experience

“Big data” is the term used to describe data sets so vast or complex that traditional data processing applications and software tools aren’t up to the task. With big data comes big challenges, including data capture, curation, storage, transfer, querying, sharing, analysis, and information privacy. Big data is reported in terabytes and petabytes, which are […]

Four Reasons to Build Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps are changing the face of business. They increase worker productivity, leverage big data, and help optimize business process efficiency. Solely for the purpose of this post, I define the term “enterprise app” to include only those mobile solutions that face inward within the enterprise, including field workers, as opposed to externally facing such […]

Salesforce Wave as a Medical Sales CRM Strategy

Arming pharmaceutical and medical device sales professionals with intelligent technology is more important than ever. Over the course of many years, the focus of medical sales efforts has shifted from doctors to hospitals and groups of hospitals. The Wall Street Journal explored this trend in September 2014. Author Jonathan Rockoff cited Cegedim Relationship Management as […]

How Big Data and Business Intelligence Are Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing has never been sexy. However, the United States has the world’s largest manufacturing sector, with a consistent 20% international market share since the 1980s. One in six American jobs is still directly or indirectly tied to manufacturing, a result of the sector’s tremendous multiplier effect. The effect is especially high in sectors such as […]

The Approaching Death of the 360-Degree View

Consulting firms and CRM vendors have made a lot of money promising to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer. But for a lot of reasons, we may finally be seeing the end of this metaphor for CRM functionality. Yes, the dream of the 360-degree view is dying. Good riddance, I say. The basic use […]

Diving into Salesforce Wave

You have probably heard the announcement at Dreamforce that Salesforce was getting into the Analytics business. You may not yet have taken a good look at the product. Appirio consultant Dustin Weaver has created a demo where he navigates over 6-million rows of FAA flight data. The demo shows a lot of the features that […]

This Week in Crowdsourcing – 3 Things to Know

Enjoy these three articles from the world of crowdsourcing and related technologies.  Greg Otto at fedscoop wrote this interesting piece about IBM’s Watson-as-a-Service. He writes: “IBM announced last week it has moved its cognitive computing system into the cloud to form the Watson Discovery Advisor, allowing researchers, academics and anyone else trying to leverage big […]

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