Publisher Actions — Object Specific Actions

By Vikas Menon Publisher Actions let you create standard or custom actions (e.g., create a record) and place them in the Chatter Feed section on the homepage, Chatter tab, in Chatter Groups, and on record detail pages. It also replaces the URL hacking by configuring the predefined values on an object. For example, if you […]

Chatter, the Unsung Hero of Sales Cloud Collaboration

No sales rep is an island. Though sales reps can operate independently, there is always a return to the mainland for strategy, supplies, and — at the very least — conversation. In Salesforce Sales Cloud world, that means turning to Chatter for collaborative sustenance. Though you may already trust in many of the merits of […]

Dreamforce 2014 Predictions

Most predictions about Dreamforce are statements of the obvious. Dreamforce 2014 will have a renewed focus on the customer. There will be a lot of talk about the internet-of-things (IoT). Marc Benioff will wear cloud-themed sneakers. There will also be a super secret announcement, that has been leaked and is not so secret anymore. Regarding […]

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Testing the Chatter API

By Mitul Patel There has always been interest to integrate with Chatter. Chatter’s business value potentially increases several fold by integrating with other enterprise applications. The Chatter API does a great job of exposing interfaces for integration. As with any development, testing Chatter integration is an important task. The Chatter API, being a REST based […]

Growl-style Notifications in VisualForce

This post is the latest in our ongoing series about Assets in our Asset Library.  Previous posts have described some full-scale solutions that we’ve developed as well as novel proof-of-concept integrations.   In today’s post we go right to the source – the Asset’s creator – to give us the implementation details for the Asset he’s […]

Chatter in Apex: Using the Connect API

By Bryan Leboff One of the lesser publicized development features in the last few Salesforce releases has been Chatter in Apex or the Connect API.  These apex classes give you access to chatter in through apex in much the same way as the REST API allowing you to create and customize your own chatter feeds […]

Best Practices For Deploying a Social Intranet

By Harry West (@hj_west) In a previous life, I used to run a Product Management team that helped design Talent Management solutions for global businesses. We did a lot of end user research on the types of professionals and casual users that interacted with HR and Talent solutions. One type of user that really stood […]

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